Dev Update #67

I'm still working on posing Scene 23 & 24.
So far, I've posed 55 shots, covering the common introduction to both scenes and the entirety of the first variant of scene 23. Just like for Cassie love scenes, I'm doing several custom poses, from scratch, and that takes a lot of time.

I've lost a day and a half of work this week.
First with a shader bug that I finally managed to solve. I had already encounter that problem during the development of v0.4, but couldn't manage to find a solution. It's now done and I'll know how to solve that when I'll encounter it again.
And second, I've done quite a bit of rewrite and had to re-pose some shots that were already done. That idea was so good that I just couldn't do otherwise.

In the last dev update, I've mentioned that I would probably have to do around 110 shots for Scene 23 + Scene 24. With 50 shots just for the first part of Scene 23, I guess I'll end up doing more than that. I hope that all the Eve lovers out there will be pleased.

The quick sum up :
  • Day 5 will contain 25 scenes.
  • Scenes up to Scene 24 are written.
  • Scenes up to Scene 22 are posed and rendered.
  • Scenes up to Scene 22 are coded.
  • Scenes up to Scene 8 are proofread.
  • 80 343 words. 11 220 lines of script. 883 renders are done, 899 shots are posed.
  • I'm currently working on posing scene 23 and 24.

You can follow my progress with this Trello board!

Thank you very much for your support!
The Naughty Captain