Advent Denial Challenge - Day 2

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Advent Denial Challenge daily feedback - Some great feedback from there already, thank you! Most of all those sharing how they are tailoring this challenge to fit them, which is just what you're supposed to do. So well done!

So, Day TWO - 'A cum is a ruin and a ruin is a cum'

That's the mantra you're to be saying today, whether you've had scores of ruined orgasms or never had one at all, today, if you've completed your set number of edges, you're to ruin your last orgasm of the day.

Many of you will know what a ruined orgasm is, but for those who don't I've just posted more about it on my Tumblr, but here's the key bits. 

It's just as the name suggests,  you have an orgasm, but you ruin it. You ruin it simply by stopping all stimulation just as you climax. Just as you pass the point of no return.
This is the usual way to do it, with a vibe on your clit that you pull off just as you cum:

This is my favourite way though, to bring yourself to orgasm with clitoral and penetration, or just penetration, and pull the toy out just as you go over. It leaves a sense of emptiness and your pussy clenching on nothing that the above method doesn't do so much.

It can still feel good, but usually, it doesn’t. When you’re cumming is when you want to rub most of all, and you’re stopping that. You’re ‘ruining’ what would have felt amazing.
This does a few things, and this REALLY varies from person to person, especially among women. But the first thing it does is take away the pleasure when you expect it the most. It’s incredibly frustrating and a huge mind fuck and will have you squirming and crying and desperate to put your hand back and make it feel good.
If you’re a submissive, or a masochist, this can be really powerful. You’re giving up pleasure you could have, and that can be deeply satisfying (once you’ve got over being super pissed off).

The other major benefit is that many find that because you didn’t finish the orgasm your body hasn’t produced all the calming, feel good, snuggle up hormones that it usually would. So again, once you get past the frustration, for many this is about 10-20 minutes, your arousal comes back, HARD. Add to this the psychological effect of knowing you gave up the pleasure you crave just minutes ago, and it can just take you to another level of horniness. 

For those with penises there’s the fact it empties your balls to take into account. Blue balls IS a thing with edging (but never let anyone use it as a reason for you to pleasure them) and a ruin will fix that but keep you relatively horny. (Even better is milking but that’s another story).
Oh, didn't you want me to stop stroking?
For women especially though, the effects tend to vary, and sometimes it’s where you’re with on your menstrual cycle. A ruin can really mess with you emotionally. So definitely explore them, but just be very self aware and see if, after the initial 20 minutes of ‘what the fuck did I just do...’ you actually get that horny boost and feel proud and sexy again. As if it puts you in a funk it’s not worth it. But it IS worth trying at different times to see if that’s always the case.

So back to that evil mantra - 'A cum is a ruin and a ruin is a cum.' That's how I want you thinking this month. If you go over by accident this Advent, this is what you are to do. Ruin it. It's fucked up, but many women find, over time, they start to crave them as much as full orgasms. Let's see what happens to you.

Advent Feedback Form - So if you're using the anonymous form to keep accountable then today I want you to get to the bit that asks you for extra feedback. Edge during the rest of the questions, and then ruin, and tell me just how it makes you feel. I look forward to reading them.

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