Hello Everyone!

The time of romance is upon us. Luciana and I have been dipping into our most amorous writing skills, and we are finally ready for final playtesting and adjustment. As a result, we are announcing that the new update will be released to our backers on Monday, December 7th! This means that those of our fans who are not backing at the five dollar level or higher will still have the update just under the wire for Christmas, releasing on December 21st and just in time for the holidays!

But what's in the update? I'm glad you asked, you handsome (and/or gorgeous) haver-of-good-taste! You can find the patch notes for this update below. After 1.6.0, Sinspirational will be going a little quiet for the holiday season, but we'll be throwing in one more stocking stuffer in December before we completely disappear. Then we'll be starting fresh in 2021 with Update 1.7.0 and the arrival of Sara to Paradise Heights. We hope you all have an amazing holiday season, and we hope that Paradise Heights can be a tiny part of that celebration.

Happy Hunting! -Cambion and Luciana

Update 1.6.0 - Patch Notes

Bug Fixes - A considerable number of lingering bugs and broken panes have been fixed. Special thanks to Goctionni from the TGGameSite Discord server for providing us with a Twine Validator of his own design, which really aided us in tracking down these persistent little gremlins in the code.

Tower Disasters - Beginning a week after Lazren's return and approximately every 2 weeks after that, the tower will begin to exhibit a few odd behaviors. It is, after all, still learning and part of that learning is going to be screwing up from time to time. That is perfectly understandable for most people, but when most of your employees screw up they can't reverse gravity inside the building or accidentally fill it with giant rats!

Not to worry. Mason has the fixes well in hand. You could stay with him and put things back in order with only a minimal hit to your energy, or you can take the opportunity to get away from the tower for a little R&R. That's the easy question, but the far harder question is...who will you take with you?

Dates - Each disaster carries with it an opportunity to take one of your transformed employees (Samantha, Damien, Jolie, Cassandra, Petra, or Xavier) out on a date. Each character has prepared content for two trips out away from the tower, and the second will introduce a plot thread for the character's eventual romance path. When you reach the second date with the character, a warning will appear for the end of content and the second date will replay when chosen for all future dating opportunities.

  • There is not currently any penalty for going on dates with multiple employees, as none of the content finishes a romance path. This being a very odd workplace, most of the your employees are open-minded, but once things escalate select characters may be a little more possessive of you.