Poll 1.7.0 Results!

Hello Everyone!

This was a very close poll. Clearly there a lot of interest in several newcomers to Paradise and we got a lot of comments on the poll itself , which we always appreciate. (Never hesitate to tell us how we're doing, we'll use all the data we can get!) However, for this update, there can only be one winner. Therefore, update 1.7.0 will see the introduction of... SARA!!!

You can look forward to seeing this wonderful addition at the blackjack tables once you've built your Casino. After you've gained her trust, you'll be able to indulge her love of showmanship by making your very own magician, or bring a few smiles to your customers with a kitsune in your employ.

I'd like to thank everyone for voting, as always. We enjoy seeing what the audience loves! However, before we go, we'd like to address the most common question we got during this poll. What happens to the ones who don't win?

Well, we never want to make too many promises, but I don't think losing one poll means we've seen the last of them. Just like we recycle transformation options that appeared before, we'll definitely remember those who had the support and affection of our community, even if they didn't get the gold this time. It will not be update 1.8.0, but keep an eye out during the next year and I think you'll see something you enjoy.

In other news, update 1.6.0 is coming along wonderfully, and we're on schedule for our release. We ought to be able to announce the exact release date next week, and make sure our followers have a very sexy holiday season. We hope you'll enjoy the romance as much as we did writing it.

Happy Hunting!

Cambion and Luciana