Another environment update! The Cafe!

Hey peeps, once again sorry for the silence, but I'm working at getting the environments I need on time. The second biggest environment is (basically) complete!
Unlike the apartment scene the majority of assets here are bought, I've been buying assets for some time preparing for this but I also needed to buy more as I discovered needs. I've probably spent a few hundred total on these. But the thing is even buying assets it's not as simple as just placing stuff in and forgetting it. 
Besides the adjustments to the assets made to get to this point. Then entire scene is going to need a MASSIVE optimization phase. Cause some stuff just has insane polycounts, bad lightmapping and other stuff. 
Overall the scene as is, is probably fine for PC, but it's mostly unacceptable for mobile in it's current state. So once things are functional on PC with the new story content that will be my next big challenge, not just function on android but optimization too. Same applies to other environments. A possible compromise, is on android environments like this will just be images in most cases. Hard to say really but I'll have some plan when the time comes...
As for the significance of this scene, it's mostly for the intro, this is where you first meet Naomi! I can't really say much more than that, but just know most of the intro takes place here.

Whats left?

As I said before I won't really be doing anything else besides the public release until these environments are at least basically done, and FYI good news on the public release coming shortly (sorry for the wait). 
There's three more critical "Scenes" I need to make/complete the "Out in Town" location, Walking through town, and "riding in the car" scene. 
Riding in the car is the most urgent need, this scene I think I've previewed a bit, but if not here's a test image. 
The background in this is a simple image, but the final will be a real background. The reason is so it can scroll to simulate the car moving. I don't expect this to take too much time but I need to figure out the function of an infinitely scrolling screen. The "walking through town" is similar but a scene walking through town with Naomi.
Out in Town is especially large since it's less centralized to one spot, even though technically it's a single side of a street. Now that I think about it, this might be something I can skip for now since the majority of the intro and start of the game won't need this area. In short, eventually there will be a function to take Naomi to places in a certain area of town, I haven't fully fleshed out where you can go exactly but I have some basic ideas. But that doesn't happen until early mid-story-ish.
It depends, I kind of want to knock out everything at once, but I also need to manage my time and get to having the first set of "chapters" and a "Demo" by February. So it depends but maybe I'll just do the car scene for now then chill on environment stuff for a few months...

Until next time...

I'll have an update on the public release shortly, some small updates and fixes will be made related to that.
I'll do that update as soon as I'm able. 
For now thanks for your support! This progress wouldn't be possible without you!