V0.1 changelog

Good news everyone!
I am just waiting for v0.1 to be uploaded and it will be immediately available for all tiers.

As you will see there are many things that have changed and/or improved, but the main thing is that it now doesn't stop you after the first gloryhole event ends. You can continue, buy upgrades, visit the gloryhole again etc.

Unfortunately you cannot continue from the demo's savegame or the game will probably break. That's because many things changed at the level of the foundations (like how fires are calculated).

After this is done I will focus on getting some new art into the next versions (Mr Mathews, new clothing are just two of those) as well as bugfixing. I will also be designing the mechanics of the first purchaseable area, but more on that in later posts.

Here's the full changelog:

  • Sandra now calls you after she's moved back in, in case you missed it.
  • Knocking on Mathews door no longer requires confidence.
  • Dustbins now don't contain condoms (was causing a bug)
  • Factory stats and skills can now be seen in the menu!
  • No more annoying windows to the left of the screen. No more annoying buttons to click.
  • Tooltips! Tooltip mode in the milking room. Hover over stuff to see what they mean.
  • Hover over Mr Mathews house to see his fire breakdown!
  • Cards' powers are now visible before you select the card.
  • Mr Mathews now watches Debbie's ass at his house for 1 Ingredient.
  • Mr Mathews' fires now also contain quality (seen as stars).
  • Teleporting can now happen through the menu screen/pressing 't'.
  • You can change your keyboard keys config through the options.
  • Insights now reflect what you know about the person you're milking.
  • You can now view the milking room's backlog in the utilities menu.
  • The beginning of skill trees: Factory & Cock Worship.
  • Cum drips from Debbie's face onto her breasts.
  • Connect Feed is now a card.
  • Increased cum on face/breasts is now visible.
  • The miner's character has been fleshed out a little bit. Let's all welcome Mr Gary!
  • You can no longer ask for the miner's help (other things are planned for him)
  • You now fix the teleporter automatically when you have the mats.
  • "Hold Head" card is now researchable - you don't automatically unlock it
  • You also don't milk Mr Mathews twice in the tutorial. But you can later.
  • Tuned the max XP required for level 1 to be easier to reach.

  • Your deck is no longer emptied when you leave the milking room.
  • Sometimes the XP screen caused a bug (non-finite values). It has been fixed.
  • You can no longer climb the box in the mining area and get off bounds.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the xp transfer screen didn't fade in properly.