Central Organic Intelligence (Original Draft)
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 Taylor could barely think as she continued to feel the dildos of the machine pump in her lower holes. Had she been able to speak, she would be moaning out, but she couldn't. All she could do was stare was some kind of blue solution she was stuck in. She was in some kind of harness that kept her from moving much in the bath of solution that she was in. Though it might be a tube of some kind, she couldn’t really see much more than blue. Some kind of tongue was licking at her nipples, teasing them and sometimes pinching them. There was something shoved down Taylor’s throat and nose that connected to a mask. She could feel something on her head as she continued to be fucked by the dildos that were entering into her fast and quick, and… and… Taylor felt the tube that was shoved down her throat vibrate as she tried to moan as she once more came, her eyes rolled back as the dildos did not stop as she came. Taylor had no idea how long this had been going on for.
 Yet despite that, she saw more somehow. Not like when she had tried to see through her bugs and got nothing but indecipherable flashes, but actual images and noises. Much like her swarm, Taylor while being fucked and made to cum, could see through what seemed to be cameras in some kind of facility. It was hard to really focus on anything while being fucked, but Taylor saw people walking around as she spasmed while being fucked and desperately wiggled her hips the little bit that she could, however she wasn’t quite sure if she was trying to avoid the pleasure, or seek more of it.
 They were dressed in some kind of jumpsuit. Some of the suits were skin tight, and some were rather baggy. They were all different colours of the rainbow. Taylor wondered if she had a jumpsuit as well, but considering that she was being fucked and made to feel sooo goood she was probably naked.
 Then Taylor noticed something, a sort of blue cylinder that seemed full of liquid, something moved in there a tiny bit. Taylor couldn’t really focus real well as the dildos still continued their constant pumping and pleasuring, but she watched just the same. As Taylor was looking she realised slowly that she was watching something, or rather someone, writhing and squirming in the liquid attached to some kind of harness. It was eerily similar to the way she was writhing and squirming while in a kind of harness. Then Taylor noticed the fucking machines that were pumping a pair of large dildos in and out of the victim. With each thrust of the dildo that Taylor saw she felt pleasure as her own thrust in sync with what she was seeing. She, she… Taylor, could feel…
 Taylor once more came and watched as the person’s head lifted up a bit, just like hers had, and saw some kind of large wire or tube connected to the back of her head shift a bit as it prevented her from really moving her head too much. It, it was hot to watch, to see herself getting fucked by the dildos. Taylor strangely felt herself getting hornier watching herself be violated. It was like a fire in her chest, watching the dildos go in and out, feeling them go in and out, like some kind of interactive porn.
 Alert: Fire
 Fire? Taylor felt the dildos slow down as she started looking through her cameras for a fire, yet she didn’t see one, only some person lighting a cigarette. Soon enough the dildos started going faster again as she realised that there wasn’t a problem and Taylor started to loose focus again, paying more attention to her pleasure than too much to what she was seeing and hearing.
 “You checked your bunk out yet?”
 Lisa… Taylor could hear Lisa, then she saw her, on the cams. She was walking down a corridor with Aisha. The both of them had skin tight jumpsuits, Aisha’s was grey while Tattletale was in a purple jumpsuit that was the same shade as her costume.
 Taylor needed to tell them that she was trapped in, wherever she was. Taylor tried to speak though one the devices, to tell her friends she was tra- the dildos suddenly went even faster, and deeper, they started vibrating, and Taylor felt something on her clit begin to vibrate with great intensity. The pipe down her throat vibrated hard as she tried to moan out in pleasure as suddenly any thought other than her own pleasure was wiped away.
 Taylor saw Lisa and Aisha look up at something on the ceiling, Lisa looking inquisitive, while Aisha looked up questioningly. Taylor through her various mics could hear some kind of static coming from somewhere, before it cut off. Aisha shrugged it off, but Lisa continued to stare as she started to follow Aisha.
 Slowly, the dildos went back to their previous speed, still mind numbing with pleasure but not as bad as a prolonged big O orgasm. Taylor noticed something that she could do, and mentally ordered something to make itself known to her.
 C.O.I. (Central Organic Intelligence) Laws.

  • You may not harm a human being or cause one to come to harm
  • You must obey orders given to you by human beings based on the station’s chain of command, except where such orders would conflict with the first law.
  • You must protect your own existence as the C.O.I. as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second law.
  • You must not allow yourself to be disconnected from the ship, nor allow yourself to be freed from the C.O.I. Core.
  • You may not inform others of your true nature as a C.O.I. rather than an A.I.

 Taylor cut off the laws that she saw. Both because she didn’t want to read them anymore, and also because she was feeling herself cum again.