An Unfortunate Asari (Mass Effect SI)
 Getting stranded on Omega as an Asari? Not good. Accepting the help of a seemingly friendly Batarian? Probably not a good idea, but then I’m desperate and starving. Ending up drugged and with a shock collar that detects attempts to use biotics? Pretty much expected.
 Any and all feedback is highly appreciated.
 I’m laying on the small varren mattress my master has left me, breathing through the hole in the ball gag that’s shoved in my mouth. I wish I could at least use my arms as a pillow but my new master has them handcuffed behind my back. At least with the blindfold it’s easier to sleep.
 Feeling thirsty I push myself up from laying on my varren bed, and hear the heavy chain clinking as I shift around, and it starts to run across my naked blue body. The chain runs over my perky breasts and as it rubs past my nipples I get a small sensation of pleasure. I ignore it as I walk on my knees to where I know the water is. Slowly I lower my body until I feel water touch my lips, and start drinking it through the hole in the ball gag.
 Prelo, the Batarian that had helped me the first couple nights in Omega had seemed like an alright fellow. Granted I was suspicious of him, but then I had barely survived my first night out on the Omegan streets, huddled in alleyways and hoping they weren’t occupied by wild varren or vorcha. It had been miserable.
 After a few nights however, just as my guard was falling, we shared some Batarian version of coffee, and then next thing I know I wake up with a slave collar round my neck, a ball gag with a hole in it, and a blindfold.
 Those three items have been a part of my life since the beginning of my enslavement. They were locked on by a harness that only my master had the codes to, and he only ever unlocked the ball gag when it was feeding time. Otherwise he left it on. The handcuffs however, were new. I hadn’t wanted to have sex last night because he had been being rough with me, so I was sore. He didn’t care and had locked my hands behind my back before giving me a rough fucking and using the handcuffs as handles.
 I was still a bit sore down there, but it was going away fast.
 Having finished my drink. I lean back up and walk over to my little varren bed, and just sit, my hands going to my nice and big ass, and I lean back a bit, just rubbing my alien pussy lips a bit. Master was always putting things in the water, and I could feel it now as it started going through my system. I’m already getting wet, and I can feel my nipples harden. I suffer in silence however as I lean back some more so I can get a few of my fingers into my hole.
 Sure I was sore but then, when I was a human male I would still start jerkin’ my gherkin’ even when it had been rubbed raw, and I had healed a bit over the night. Master had even put some lotion in my pussy after and I even feel better because of it.
 Small amounts of pleasure come from my pussy as I try to finger fuck myself with my cuffed hands. I imagine what I must look like. Some blue Asari slut, wearing a metal posture collar with a chain attached to it leading to a wall, a blindfold and ball gag combo added as well. She can’t speak or even shout, she can’t see how lewd she’s being. Her back is arched and her large breasts fully pushed out with hard engorged nipples sticking out. Her hands behind her back, reaching for her pussy which is fully exposed as her legs are spread wide. Drool likely falls down her lips as she tries to touch herself.
 I’m quickly brought back from my imaginings as I feel a hand on one of my breasts. I gasp in surprise and draw my fingers back from my tight pussy, but do nothing else as the mysterious person cups my breast and lightly pinches my nipple between two fingers. I hear a chuckle and know instantly that it is my master.
 “Enjoying yourself slave?” Knowing better than to lie to my master, I nod my head as I enjoy his touch. Despite enslaving me, he has been gentle with my body, mostly. Sometimes he will fuck me hard over and over until I’m sore, other times he is gentle with me. Physically I enjoy both, mentally, I’d rather escape, despite finding it so hot. He expertly manipulates my nipple in his hand, pinching and rubbing it just enough that any pain I might have felt is overwhelmed by the pleasure I feel flowing through my core.
 I feel my breathing slow as I let everything go, and just focus on his hand, playing with my nipple. Despite not being able to see, I close my eyes. I then feel his other hand begin playing with my other nipple in much the same way. Gentle and very pleasurable. I let out a small moan. Despite my situation, I’m glad that my master enjoys playing with my breasts. Asari breasts are just great.
 I imagine my master wanting to pierce them, like human women do sometimes. Nice ring piercings so that he could attach things to them, and maybe the piercings would make them more sensitive. That would be nice, and enhance the only good thing about my enslavement. Sure some times it hurt when he was too rough with me, but then, when you were left in an apartment all day with nothing to do but drink water and some food paste, the sex kind of becomes the best thing about the day.
 Master pulls his hands from my breasts and I whine, just how he likes it. He finds it amusing and arousing when I act all needy and wanting, not that I wasn’t. Sex was the only fun thing to do. Sure I had felt violated, but the boredom was worse, just being left with my thoughts and contemplations, how my life was all fucked and we were all going to die because of some abominations from beyond the stars.
 No, better to lose yourself to mindless pleasure than to worry about other such things.
 “Present yourself to me slave.” Master ordered and I did as he asked. I turn around and bend over. I let my large breasts touch the ground as I arch my back to present myself for my master. I remember that this position looks best when fucking people from behind and I don’t want to be sold off to a crueler master than my master, so I do my best to please him as best I can.
 “You Asari are all just natural born slaves aren’t you?” I make a series of sounds that I hope sounds like ‘yes master“ as I agree with him. That would probably be the natural place of the Asari were it not for their prothean beacon and the maiden’s and matron’s constant need to breed and be fucked by other species. With their long lives and unworried progression, they would have likely ended up either a technologically inferior species that had spread throughout the galaxy like the Twi’lek of Star Wars, or a subject race of whatever power obtained control over their space. Likely the Salarians since they were the guys who didn’t get the advantage the Asari had in having a prothean beacon to just grab tech from whenever it seemed they were falling behind.
 Then I felt my master’s cock begin prodding at my wet lower lips, and I smiled. Sex was always great. It felt amazing, especially when high on aphrodisiac as I was, and would cloud my mind with lust while we fucked. I wanted to lean back and feel him in me, but he hadn’t just started to fuck me so he was likely waiting. Seeing if I was obedient to him or just after my own pleasure.
 Not that there was much of a difference for me. Even as a human I had always been extremely subby, finding pleasure in submitting. This was probably why I was okay with essentially being raped every day and why I wasn’t as horrified by my sexual enslavement. Actually… truth be told. I might have even agreed to something like this if my master had just asked. He could have phrased as paying for rent, and I might have agreed.
 I let out a long moan as my master finally pushes forward and enters into my tight maiden pussy. His hands grip my ass and he begins fucking me in ernest. Pleasure and pain emanates from my pussy and shoots through me in waves as he fucks my sore snatch. The pain however isn’t so much as it was the night before that it overrides the pleasure. Rather it manages to enhance it as I have to try to focus more on the pleasure.
 Master gives my bubble butt a mighty swat as he’s fucking me, and I let out a scream of pain before returning back to the moans of pleasure as he continues to hammer my pussy, slowly getting me close and closer to the edge. I can feel my eyes roll up in my skull as he fucks me. My breath has started going ragged and spit flies from the hole in my gag as I breath through my mouth as well.
 Suddenly my master speeds up even faster and starts going deep into my folds with his batarian cock. I moan even louder as he is bringing me closer and closer to orgasm with every thrust. Each thrust is moving me forward just a bit on my varren bed, rubbing my nipples and giving me more points of pleasure to focus on as I reach closer and closer to nirvana as pleasure shoots through my very core every time my master thrusts into me with his amazing cock.
 I can feel my arms squirming in their cuffs, wanting to grab onto something but there is nothing but air as I writhed under the ministrations of my master. Then he pulls fully out and shoves his entire divine length all the way in, over and over again I let out another long moan.
 “Mathhhther!” I cry out through the ball gag as I feel myself go over the edge and my Asari cunt starts spasming, clamping down on my masters member as he thrusts in one last time. I feel hot cum start spurting out of his cock while my pussy tries to milk him of everything he has. Undulating.
 My master falls ontop of me as we are left panting on my varren bed. He chuckles as he snakes his hands underneath me and fondles my big blue breasts once more.
 “Even without your mind rape bullshit you whores still cum like anyone else.” Right… the connection or mindsex or whatever that Asari could do. Embrace eternity or something like that? Either way, it wouldn’t have worked anyways, not with the collar, and my master knew it. Why would you want your sex slave getting pregnant anyways unless you had a fetish for that? Just meant another mouth to feed. Or you could sell them, but your slave would become rather high maintenance until it was born, or aborted. Abortions cost money though.
 “Yesh Mathher” I say around my gag. I didn’t have anything more to say, and I didn’t have to say anything more. After all,
 I was a slave.