30ish minute writing challenge. This time staring Flocked!Taylor
 All Except Her
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 It’s said that members of Valkyrie's flock got a choice in whether they were brought back. While that may be true for some, Taylor never got a choice in the matter. When she was brought back she quickly found herself being subjected to a master that from the moment that she woke up.
 She was given an ultimatum, either she would serve or she would be put back into the ground.
 It wasn’t really a choice.
 Now she found herself serving alongside the Flock. Taylor had a minor hope that there was a bright side to this, even if the Wardens had effectively cowed her with the combination of the master they used as well as how she could have her life ripped from her by Valkyrie in an instant. After all, Brian was a part of the Flock. It quickly became apparent that it wasn’t Brian however. He mostly only remembered their fights, the combat. He wasn’t Brian, not really. At best he was a comrade in arms, and nothing more. He didn’t try to be anything more anyways, so Taylor let him be just that.
 Taylor missed her friends.
 She wasn’t allowed to go and see them, and they weren’t allowed to see her. She wasn’t given a reason, just that she wasn’t allowed to see them.
 “Khepri.” Taylor heard from behind her as she looked off to the Golden city. Obediently, Taylor turned towards Valkyrie. She was seated at her desk, something that she rarely used unless her paperwork really started to pile up, or she decided to use it for her entertainment.
 This time was the second reason. Taylor had found that along with the master commands that forced her to stay in the Wardens permanently, no rest or even the ability to see her true friends, she was also forced to obey any of their orders. Some had realised that meant the sexual ones as well.
 Taylor walked over to the desk, and saw the familiar set of dildos underneath. Valkyrie was among those that used her like a sex toy when she was off duty. She took a special pleasure in having Taylor eat her out, and she justified it to herself that Taylor cum’ed there for she enjoyed it. Others didn’t even have that excuse. She was one of the horrible villains of Golden Morning after all. To the others, this was her penance, a life of servitude.
 Taylor obediently climbed under the desk of Valkyrie, and lowered herself onto the dildos. Despite herself, she felt a wave of pleasure go through her as she felt the dildos penetrate her two holes. Wordlessly, Valkyrie moved her chair forwards, exposing her cunt to Taylor. Taylor, obediently started licking, as she had done many times before.
 Normally, Taylor would have despaired, but she had come across something interesting in their last mission to another Earth. A brain bug that she could use to master those around the base. She had already infected a tenth of the Wardens, and they were undetectable until she activated them and took control. The mastering disallowed her to use her people controlling powers on them unless Valkyrie willed it, but they allowed her free reign with her bug controlling powers. With the brain bug, she might finally be able to be free of the Wardens.