Hentai Elf Taylor and the Horny Warband. (Worm)
 Taylor Hebert, the Warlord of Brockton Bay and now the Chief of the Bloody Blades orc tribe, gazed down from the balcony of the castle that had finally been seiged down. She gazed down at the village below, parts of it were still burning but she could see that already her soldiers were dealing with the various fires, either the clerics among her followers were putting out the fires or her people were escorting the civilians away from them.
 Taylor sensed through her bugs a last hold out of soldiers, swords clashing and bolts flying as they desperately tried to escape her followers. Taylor looked in the direction of the fighting, and leaned forward, then realised her mistake when her now rather large breasts got in the way.
 Grumbling Taylor adjusted her position and had them over the railing and supported properly while she just listened and watched. The breasts were still new to her despite the last couple of months she had to adjust to them, same with the ears too. They were long and sensitive by her side. Erotically so, it barely made any sense to her. Why would Elven ears being rubbed make her so horny?
 Taylor ignored her question in favour of observing the fight. Her familiar, an Owl, flew to the fight, and Taylor got ready to cast.
 The soldiers of the old foolish king she had toppled were fighting tooth and nail with her soldiers, Elves and Orcs alike. Damian, once a prominent jock from Winslow now an elven waif of a lad, danced gracefully forward, positioned his sword just right, and thrust between the gaps in the old king’s knight’s faceplate. Taylor grimaced at the death. It would have been fast and painless, but that didn’t mean she relished the idea that she was causing death. Damian’s partner, a massive orc from a band that she had convinced to join her forces, used a massive maul to smash a charging footman away from Damian. Gog-Balzagar was his name, she was pretty sure. Having enough of this Taylor decided she’d use some of the last of her magic for the day to put and end to this. Sure she would be leaving herself vulnerable, but then only as vulnerable as she was back in the Bay before she learned all this magic stuff.
 “Sleep” she cast under her breath, the spell transferring over to her familiar who sent it out to her targets. The foot soldiers who served the old king either fell unconscious or threw down their weapons and surrendered to her people. Taylor could already see her soldiers celebrating, those that weren’t helping take prisoners that was. Gog-Balzagar one arm hugged his favourite elf Damian close, the elf blushed at the manhandling, and blushed even harder as Gog-Balzagar reached with his other hand down.
 Orcs. They were horny little, no, big bastards. Most were at least brawny if not complete beef cakes. The beefcakes usually stood head and shoulders taller than the average human and were usually the leaders of the Orc tribes. In Orc culture it was might that made right, whether that be strength of arms, magic, charisma, etcetera.
 Taylor had learned that Orc culture among the local nomads was also highly meritocratic, allowing anyone to rise to the top. Even she, an elven teenager of all things, was allowed to take over the clan that had attacked their refugee camp.
 Taylor shook her head, ridding herself of the thought. She didn’t really know how they had even gotten there. One moment she was walking away from Arcadia with the students that assisted her, the next she found herself waking up in a forest, in a new body. This body being some pornographic version of her original body if she had a perfect hourglass figure and was an elf. All around her were similar stories for everyone else. Students were suddenly finding themselves in erotic elven bodies with no adult supervision.
 Taylor pushed herself away from the railing she was leaning on, in an attempt to banish the remembering of the orgy that had followed. She needed to stop being distracted, especially since someone was coming. She kept her back to the person as they approached her. A subtle show of her power.
 Then, as the arms of the large orc grabbed onto her arms, she realised her mistake, forgetting her personal bodyguard’s favourite way to transport her.
 “Come on Chieftess! Da stupid human kings waitin’ for ya in da dungeon!” The Orc announced. Before Taylor could protest, the orc lifted her up and rested her on his fat cock. As soon as the orc had grabbed her, Taylor had gotten wet for reasons both anticipatory, and biological.
 The elves that Taylor and her followers had found themselves in were not the Tolkien-esque elves, but rather some lewd deviant version. The elven bodies they now had loved to be fucked and were extra sensitive. Taylor knew as during a moment of weakness, she had fucked one of her fellow students. Despite being Brian’s size, she gained more pleasure from that one brief encounter than anything Brian had done to her.
 By now however, Taylor had grown to adapt to her body and craved the same carnal pleasures as it did. Including being made to ride the cock of an orc as he transported her to the dungeons where the king was held.
 Taylor’s eyes crossed as the orc slowly lowered her onto the orc’s dick. A small moan escaped Taylor’s lips the further down she went on his dick, her mind going blank for a moment as she dealt with being impaled on her favourite orc’s dick.
 The orc grabbed ahold of her ankles and pulled them to his side. Taylor reached up and wrapped her hands around the orc warlords neck. This provided Taylor just enough support that she would stay on the orcs mouthwatering dick while so bouncing up and down, giving pleasure to both Taylor and the orc.
 Without warning the orc turned around and started to jog towards the dungeon. Taylor was left wailing in ecstasy as the orc bounced the warlord of Brockton Bay on his shaft.