Update 1.6.0 - Love Is In The Air

Hola everyone!

Quick update here. We've finished laying the mechanical groundwork for our 1.6.0 update and are starting to fill in the content, so I thought it would be a good time to draw back the curtain a bit and show you what we're planning. There's a couple of different ways to do it, and we want to make sure when you open your Christmas gifts, it's what you want.

When romance won the vote, Luciana and I had to do some thinking. When people say 'romance' they mean a few different things. In a lot of RPGs, it's the gate you go through to get to the intimate content but...well, our game already has that, no romance necessary. What we thought it meant was a connection. You wanted to get to know these characters, spend some time with them, maybe go through something dramatic and change the way your relationship feels. It's the difference between a friend with benefits and someone closer.

Of course, this brought up a new problem. We have 6 full characters at the moment (Samantha, Damien, Jolie, Cassandra, Petra, and Xavier) each with two different versions. If we tried to fill out a full romance arc for each of them, we'd be working on this update for the next six months. You all have been incredibly patient, but that's a bit much. On the other hand, if we put up a vote and only did 2-3, then anyone who didn't pick those transformations wouldn't have any romance path at all.

We decided to split the difference a bit. In the 1.6.0 update, the tower's learning will occasionally go a little haywire and Mason will need to work through the day to fix it. This gives you a little time to get out of the tower for a while, and take someone with you on a little adventure. Each of the 12 possible transformed characters will have two dates out on the town (Mason, Mammon, and Lazren will have to wait until a future content point). The first date will be finding a unique place to take them and enjoying their company. The second will introduce the seed for their eventual romance arc. Something they still find they want, or some favor you might do for them.

This does mean the dreaded 'no more content here yet' message, at least for the moment, but this way you all should have a fairly good idea of what your favorite character's arc is going to look like. The next time romance wins the content expansion, we'll have a secondary vote about who gets their arc completed. That way everyone has something, and we can slowly fill in the full stories as time goes on without taking forever to do so.

Hopefully you all are still excited about what we have up our sleeve. We're looking for a December release for this update, and will have more details soon. In the meantime, look forward to a new poll going up next week. 1.7.0 will introduce a completely new character to Paradise Heights, and we want your help deciding who comes to visit!

Until then, happy hunting! Cambion and Luciana