Weekly Update!

Arrrgh, we be havin' a new weekly update this...week. I have no idea how pirates talk so I'll stop, anyway, let's get into the stuff we have planned haha. 
Got have my hands a bit full this week and you guys can probably guess why haha. In any case, busy busy, so I'll make it quick! 
So for Jikage Rising, it'll be out on the 21st, the art for the final "ending" scene is done, and looks pretty good imo, tho I won't be showing it here for obvious reasons. The art for Bonus girl 3's final scene is also done, so we're pretty much on schedule. Tho there is some rather unfortunate news. The main artist for Jikage Rising kinda lost interest in doing art for Jikage Rising, so there will be some complications and perhaps some changes in art. I'll be looking to get some of the sprites redone so the style matches everything else more, though what's done in Arc 1 is pretty much set in stone, it wouldn't make much sense for me to replace those unfortunately. No worries though, I have someone else on the job, who's art you've been seeing in the game as well, so there shouldn't be too many discrepancies! 
Next up would be for the "fill in game", a.k.a The Star Cove Incident, so originally I planned for the release to be on the 7th, but apparently artist need to sleep and have a life outside of drawing, who knew. On a serious note, I'm getting artist B to work on some art for the game as per your votes! So far we have 2 sprites ready and a scene on the way, ideally I want to get two scenes into the game for the introduction build, but realistically, we'll probably only be able to get one scene in. I'll have a post up introducing one of the characters in a couple! So do look forward to it! With some luck, I should probably be able to get the intro/demo out this weekend? No promises tho, since the progress for the art is pretty fickle. 
That's about it for this update, turned out to be pretty long haha, well, it's back to the grind for doggo! But let doggo know if you have any questions yeah!