Poll Result for "Star Cove Incident" survey!

Heya all, thought it would be a good time to announce the results of the poll as well as going into some details that you guys requested to see/ hear haha.
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So first thing's first, the artist!
The results were pretty close for the top 2 contenders, with only about a 40 vote difference, so definitely no landside victory for anyone here! And considering that over 500 people participated in this survey, it's pretty interesting to see the results this close to say the least haha.
In any case, we will be going with Artist B
However! Since a lot of you really liked Artist A and said that you had a hard time choosing between them, no worries! I'll have them work on something else, namely one of the doujins that we will be working on so you can see more of their art! 

On to the next part! Content that you guys are keen to see!
So since it's not really sensible for me to go through everything, I'll go through the most significant ones haha.

Most wanted content: MC! (392 votes)
Shouldn't be too surprising considering lol. Nothing really much to say here, nor is there much to expand on either haha, so we'll just leave it at that.

Second most wanted content: Corruption (390 votes)
So this was kinda interesting to see haha, it was second place with only a 2 vote difference, which was pretty cool to see to say the least. Some corruption is always fun to see Xd

Third most wanted content: Netori (314 votes)
Hahahaha, now before the rage happy anti-ntr people jump in, this means you doing the stealing, like Elaine and Lena in Nano-control. This was pretty interesting to know, considering what was in the next section, but we'll get to that later.

Content that you guys did not want to see
So as before I'll go through the most voted content that you guys don't want to see!

The content that you guys want least: Netorare a.k.a NTR (374 votes)
So this shouldn't come as a surprise hahaha, this one was leading by a big big margin, like if you took 2nd, 3rd and 4th place and add them together, it still wouldn't surpass the number of votes it got. So yeah, there's that. From the results I gathered so far, I can conclude that you guys are pirates. 

Second place in content you don't want to see Preggo sex! (120 votes)
So, ummm, not sure what to say about this part haha, like I said before, the number of votes dropped by a lot between 1st and 2nd place. Generally this isn't too big of an issue cause there's always an option of getting the harem pregnant or not, so it's not something you will accidentally do, and you people that don't like it aren't so zealous about it like some other groups, so making it optional should be a pretty reasonable way to deal with it!

Third place loli (94 votes)
This is something pretty interest to say the least lol. It might be the most contented thing on our list so far haha, it's third place in "content you don't wanna see" with 94votes, but interestingly enough, it's fourth place in "content you wanna see" with 277votes. So yeah, it's definitely something you guys feel strongly about haha, no worries tho, there's no loli stuff in The Star Cove Incident. 

Next part we have the voice acting portion! 
General Results
Generally, it seems like something you guys don't really care/feel strongly about in general. The votes are generally spread out, with it peaking around 5, which probably means "*shrugs* Eh".  
Most of you mentioned that you guys play with the sound off, so you don't really care, and a bunch of you mentioned that it should be something optional that you can trigger On/Off. I'll probably drop this under "We'll look into it if the game gets popular and if we have spare funding".  Though I would be pretty particular about the quality we get, don't really want dead acting like a certain gameplay overview trailer for a certain mobile game with trainers and critters that you capture with balls.

That's about it, but here's some bits in the survey that we got that I should probably mention.

"changes of clothes at the time of corrupting the girls"
Basically corrupted outfits for the girls, very nice my friend, a bit specific, but I see you are a man of culture as well. 

"Beast stuff"/"Transformation"/"Sissification"
So a couple of people mentioned these, but it's not something that I think I can write well to be honest.  Transformation stuff doesn't really click with me cause it kinda goes against the whole "keeping body proportions realistic" policy thing that I'm really into. As for the beast stuff, think it might not be something people would expect, though I can see where you're coming from. 

Sleeper Agents/Trigger words/The person doing things without realizing they're doing it.
Like there's a couple of variations of how you guys said it, but this is the general idea. It's something I'm interested in doing, but perhaps for another game, it seems like a concept that can be used for a full game! But that'll be talk for another time haha.

"Focus on one thing at a time. Abandonware is usually preceded by bloat."
Definitely something I agree with, I'm getting some coders to help me out with the games currently, so that's most of the heavy lifting out of the way, and hopefully that means better quality stuff for you guys as well. 

So yeap! That's about it! Let me know if you guys have any questions! And feel free to continue to do the survey! I'll definitely be reading them!