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Announcement !
As mentioned , I will work on a Excella and Sheva short animation . To release something complete this month . Duration will be around 3 mins +/- .  This time I will try to be more creative in the intro-part . I've learned some tricks how make posters more interesting with dynamic effects(different software) . My goal is to stay with plot-based projects but less rendering time and enough substance so it transits smooth into the sexy part .

Without touching any announced projects here  I don't risk something and we will see how it works out.

 --------this is only important if you are on my discord----------

18+ Position
You can upload in #suggest-position ( public section) 
or talk about the flow in #brainstorming ( supporters section )
> best is as image/gif
> links  are meh   

my own progress, I'll run a 5-6 days counting position voting of the best suggestions,  I think fits, on patreon and subscribestar later .
The#brainstorming-room is more about detailed stuff (plot,transition,manerism ,etc. ) .
so if you just wanna suggest positions it's fine on #suggest-position(public room) .
I've created #brainstorming-room  because I work on dialogue scenes so I can't skip deeper thoughts about how a models should act even its adult content .... have to make them feel authentic . ;)

-------- Discord info end ----------

You can ofc message me or comment here but its not a chat/conversation optimized ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

public chat invite : https://discord.gg/xJUcb7hJwT
Commission slots for this month are full .
Upcoming months I'm available again .

...I hope I got everything *phew*^^