Weekly Update + Commission Info Update!  (2020/11/09)

Hey peeps! So! I've got a few announcements to make so this is going to be a lot of reading!  Sorry!
I've been busy adjusting my pricing and trying to come up with something fair and workable, that would leave me enough money as well as not be too crazy.
So this is detailing that. There will also be a few minor changes to the Patreon / SubscribeStar, that I hope you will all find to your likings!
So first thing's first.

What we've got on offer this time around are the two general formats: the streaming format (Sketch on the Spot) and my standard commissions.

For Sketch on the Spot, I'll be holding streams once or twice a week with the usual sign ups.  As we did before, you message me to get on the list, then get into the stream and hang out.  When your name comes up, if you're present, you get your picture done, then you pay me and I give your picture.

I'm going to try and do a morning/afternoon and an evening stream so that people can be there regardless of their schedules.

I don't know if they're going to be on different days or the same day, but the Friday Night stream should be the default at least, though it might change things around a bit at least until I can settle into doing it again proper.

For Standard Commissions, they will be opened at the beginning of the month starting in December and have a limited number of slots (I'm thinking three (3) to begin with, depending on how I feel.)

I'll do my best to try to grind those out as fast as I can towards the beginning of the month.  You will have to message me for those, and they will be first come first serve with a possible on-call list.

Sketch on the Spot

All the SotS stuff is designed to be quick and easy to get through. 
They should all take an hour at the MOST and it's limited to one character per spot, though if you like, you can add to a picture that's already been done on subsequent streams or combine spots with other people if you all want to chip in on a picture.

The options available are Doots, Wobbles, and Sketches.

Doots: $15 (BW Only)
The doots are little rough character doodles, no color and generally very cartoony.
NSFW is available.
Wobbles: $30 (Color Only)
You've all see these, they're polished little stylized beanbag shaped friends.
These are only SFW.

Sketches: $20 (BW) / $40 (Color)
The typical quick sketches, not as polished as the wobbles but more complex than the doots.
NSFW is available.
Each item is designed to be done in either half-an-hour or an hour.
Standard Commissions

These are what you're familiar with in my "comic" style, like VH or Clara with the thick lines and standard coloring and/or shading as I'm known for.

These are broken up with a number of options available as well as different restrictions and caveats.

The base prices going forward are to be as follows.

Characters (One Charge Per):
- Inked: $60
- Flats: $80
- Shading/Highlights: $120

Variant Surcharges:
- Alternate Expressions: +10% per
- Alternate Palettes: +25% per
- Blood/Spiff/Slime/Etc: +25% per
- Inflation/Expansion: +25% per
- Alternate Outfits: +50% per
- Poses: +50% per

Difficulty/Fatigue Surcharges:
Extra Limbs/Wings: +10% per - Each character is defined as up to four limbs (two arms, two legs a tail and wings. Anything beyond that incurs this charge.
- Complex Patterns: +25% per - Any fill more complex than a color fill or simple stripes.
- Excessive Hyper and Excessive Inflation: +25% per - A situation in where the character is, in majority, the expanded/enlarged part and it obscures the majority of the rest of the character or is so large that the body of the character is significantly smaller than it.
- Complex Outfits/Armor: +50% per - Any outfit or armor composed of multiple interlocking parts or tiny details such as highly segmented armor or clothing with a large number of zippers/pockets/belts.
- Taur/Naga/Drider: +50% per - Any character whose bottom half makes up a large enough portion to be considered comparable to another humanoid sized character. (Does not count for upper-body pictures/portraits/etc.)
Backgrounds (One Charge)
- Single Color: $0
- Simple: $40
- Standard: $80
- Complex: $120

The following items are considered Off-Limits (this applies to ALL commissions, streaming or otherwise):
Pre-Pubescent/Underdeveloped Characters in Sexual Situations
- Scatological/Urological Content
- Skin Pulling/Hooks/Lacing
- Body/Genital Piercings
- Nose Hooks
- Prolapses
- Revenge/Hate Porn
- Racism/Hate Speech/Inflammatory Gestures
In addition, there will be discounts for things that I'm in the mood to do, usually between 20% and 50%, and I will also, be offering a "discount bin" for ideas that I like, if you want to see something particular that I don't have time to draw or was voted on by my patrons/subscribers and lost.
The first few weeks, we'll be running:
- 20% off Angels and Demons (Imps included)
- 20% off Merfolk
- 20% off Homestuck Trolls
Beginning Dec. 1st:
- 10% off Wintery/Christmas Themes
Character Sheets

For anyone who wants character references, I'm offering special rates on Character Sheets.

Character Sheets will be $200, and will include:
- Front, Back, and Side Poses
- Nude and Clothed Variants of All Views
- A Choice of:
  - 3 Detail Shots
  - 4 Expression Portraits
  - An Extra Outfit for Each Pose

Anything further required can be inquired about when ordering.
Customization such as background patterning, statistics, bio, roleplaying information, websites and other text work is included free of charge.

Lastly, but not leastly...
I'm changing my Patreon/SubscribeStar stuff once again. It's come to my attention that while people love the wobbles, not everyone knows what to do with theirs, and it's another work dump that just kind of piles up on me, especially with how many I have to do. So you have a lot of people sitting on them, and not really... having any idea what to do with them.
So. I will be removing the monthly wobble from the $10 tier starting at the beginning of next month, and giving the $10 tier a flat 5% discount on commissioned work, and the $20 tier a flat 10% discount on commissioned work.

I will also allow people who have wobbles and don't want them to be able to trade them to people who do, or to cash them in for the going rate which is $15 in credit.
If you have wobbles and you still want them, then by all means, let's do it, but otherwise I'll be happy to come up with some other way of fulfilling my obligations.
This does mean I'm actually losing $5 on each wobble for the $10 tier that's traded in, and that's fine, because I want to stress how serious I am about getting this done. I know I haven't been the best at this and crowd funding is difficult and a mess, but I really want to do right by you all while still being able to make a living. And I want to keep my promises and eventually be free and clear of my past obligations by working through them.

And that's... more or less everything that I've got! That's the plan going forward, and if you all have any questions, let me know!

Thanks again!
~ Spooky
PS:  Gonna be working on the layouts for Ch.5 of Various Happenings so don't worry about that!  That's still very much on my mind~!


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