Took me all of three seconds to start making pose memes.

The fuck-am-I-reading meme is wide and varied on the internet, on this page and my blogs there are a number of templates of it already used as pfp, but for this specific pose the muse comes from the hilarious and just plain amazing webtoon Wolf In The House

Below are pics for the original, the blender model, and then how it looks with a random sim of mine*
I might work on more literal mirrors of the original in the future.

*The test was necessary because that sim already has a slightly downturned mouth and eyebrows, so that's a good idea of how it looks when the original sim has a default expression that departs from the sims' standard one. 

The sim is sitting down, the height works for loveseats/puffs/sofas/benches, etc. Requires the phone accessory, I put the link to get it from the creator in the rar.