Hello Everyone!

We hope you're enjoying seeing Petra's final forms and that they're everything you hoped they would be. Whether you're enjoying a concert from the siren or seeing the drow whip your security office into shape, we had a lot of fun writing this one.

Sinspirational Games passed an important milestone today that I wanted to share with you all, and I'm hope you'll indulge me (Otherwise, for those looking for upcoming release info, check below the line). With this month's Patreon support, we have officially become a profitable venture (i.e. it's the first time either Luciana or I have received a payment that wasn't paying back art commissions, hosting costs, or other assorted administrata.) As of today, we have officially paid our bills and brought home enough to grab a meal on all of you fine folks! Thank you! When I first started this venture I was determined to make sure Paradise Heights was worth playing even from its initial launch. I worked on the writing for the game for nearly a year and a half before anyone saw it, and the initial art wave of over 32 custom art pieces came out of my pocket. Luciana joined me in the project before launch and we spent even more time bugging our friends to playtest, polishing and reworking the opening, and generally worrying about reception. I was mentally prepared to spend the first year or more struggling to keep a half dozen backers together while the game grew out.

When launch day came, we gathered 40 backers in our first month. Since then, we're close to doubling that number (2 of which have even signed up for our annual subscription, which blows me away!). A lot of you are still with us after all that time. 2020 has seen Lazren's return, the introduction and transformation of two brand new characters, and the long awaited gender update to allow you all to be the demons you wanted to be. I know we say we're grateful almost every post, but we truly are. Thank you for taking this ride with us. We're going to continue to work hard and try to make sure we always live up to the trust.

Okay, enough indulgence. Let me fill you on some upcoming news for our faithful followers. - Update 1.6.0 is in the works and will bring the start of the romance system to Paradise Heights. This post is already too long, but I'll be adding in some details next Monday, the 9th, to give you all an idea of how it's going to go down. We're looking at an early-mid December back launch date, with public launch hopefully available for all you folks traveling and in need of some demonic holiday cheer. - November won't be totally barren though. On Monday, the 16th, we'll be putting up another content expansion poll for 1.7.0! This is a big one, as this is a new content poll AND will feature new art. As you all know, the time for Avery's arrival is drawing near, but we're still a little bit thin on souls to welcome him back just yet. As a result, we'll be voting on which brand new character (and transformations) you want to see. Don't miss this one! - The good (or very naughty) boys and girls may find a little something extra in their stocking on Christmas morning, though, here on Patreon. Something short and sweet, just to make the holidays a little brighter.

And that's the plan! As always, we appreciate your support and your love of the game. We look forward to continuing to bring you the best steamy scenes we can for a long time to come. Happy Hunting! Cambion and Luciana