Weekly Update! (2020/10/19)

Hey everyone!
Still working on the Patreon /SubscribeStar stuff!  Seems like y'all wanted to see Space Cass this time around, so that's what we're gonna give you!  I can't wait! :3c
Currently doing the second pass on the script for the next chapter of Various Happenings, and I have to say that I'm like... super pleased with it!  I was concerned that it would go a lot slower than it has been, so we're going to work on that over the next few days and see if we can push into the actual production phase!
From Friday this week to the end of next week, me and my roommates are going to be going on vacation!  I'll still be around for most of that to upload pictures and things, but we're mostly going to be going around and having a look at a lot of the tourist locations and stuff in the local area as well as going on a short trip to see the lighthouse near Tallahassee.  It'll be fun! n.n!
I'll be back on the first week of November, though!  So I'll see you all then!
Cool weather, please, if you're out there...!  Help us! @[email protected];;
Anywho, take care of yourselves, and I'll see you all in November!