We have been working mostly on animation and handling. The procedural walk and balance have been refactored and hopefully more functional. The artistic appearance is still lacking and it needs a lot more work before it is really good. We are well aware, that physics based procedural animation is a very big challenge.

We have added new functionality for squatting, kneeling and bending. If the girl is standing straight, you can grab her by the wrist and pull down, hopefully without her loosing balance. When she get low enough in her knees, she will take the hint and go into a squat position. This position is quite unstable and with a small push forward she will go to a kneeling position. The kneeling is ended if she is pulled up or loses balance. It's not possible to get her into kneeling from other positions, but we'll try to find a solution to that. If you gently touch her on the back between the shoulders, she will bend down. If not loosing balance, she can bend quite low and reveal some problems in the genitals area. We'll try to fix that some other time.

Before we go on, it's time to present the girls. The small redhead with a ponytail is Sylvia and the taller Nubian beauty is Jackie. We believe that a configuration system to fit the girls after you own taste is done well by other projects. We plan to make a system where each girl will have their own physical appearance and personality and react differently to what you do. So when we present you to a new girl, it could be a different experience. A little more like real life.

In this release we have given Silvia some makeup and tweaked her breast physics. With this and other small corrections and bugfixes, we hope you will have a better experience. Jackie's maid dress has been temporarily removed, until we find a more reliable cloth simulation. I'm sure you won't mind her being naked.

Top priority now is to work on support for Oculus. After that, there are so many more things we want to do.

In other words, we're not finished, we're just getting started :)

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please drop a note.