####1.5.0 Release Date and Patch Notes!

Hello Everyone!

We know you've all been eager to see the final transformation for our beloved security officer, and we are pleased to announce we now have a date for that release. Update 1.5.0 will be released on Monday, October 5th! We've been absolutely loving a chance to explore the different sides of Petra, and we think that you'll enjoy it just as much. Here's what you can expect in this new update.

  • Petra's transformation path will unlock for those who have both finished her storyline by working in security at night (i.e. you unlocked her intimate menu), and have also captured and transformed Xavier successfully. About a week after those two events have both occurred, the player will be interrupted by Petra during the normal course of play. Once Petra reveals the nature of her desire, Mason will once again be able to provide options to fulfill it.

  • Players who have built Elysium (whether or not Xavier is a dryad) will be able to gift Petra with a Siren transformation.

  • Players who have built Inferno (whether or not Xavier is a vampire) will be able to welcome Petra into the ranks of the Drow.

  • After transformation, Petra will still work the evenings in the Security Office. However, the Drow form can be found in Inferno in the morning, enjoying a quiet moment before the place opens, and the Siren form can be found swimming in Elysium in both the morning and the afternoon.

  • In addition to the regular scenes, Siren Petra features a unique scene variation for submissive males, while Drow Petra has a special scene for submissive futanari characters. Combined with JJ's unique female scene, we now have 1 special scene for each of the three PC sexes. Both will also have an additional potential work scene interacting with Xavier/Xun if they share a location.

After 1.5.0 launches, we'll be turning our attention to 1.6.0 which, after a resounding vote from you all, will be the start of a romance mechanic. We're still discussing how we'll implement this feature, but we'll at least be putting in place the start to each relationship, allowing PCs to select an employee who is more than just a pleasant smile in the workplace.

Finally, given our usual timeline, 1.6.0 will likely put us into the Holiday season, a time of family, stress, and travel that is a little hard on the creation of steamy content. We'll be holding off our typical poll this month, as we don't want to get locked in too far in advance, but rest assured we'll always make sure we have something to stuff your stockings with.

Happy Hunting, and we'll see you next week! Cambion and Luciana