SQ Cruise Ship 0.4.7 fixed

Hi there, Subscribers!

The 0.4.7 fixed is here, mainly fixing bugs (listed below), but also introducing compatible saves. Since there's a bit of a delay with the 0.5 I thought I might as well make the experience better for everyone who encountered a game-breaking bug, or just couldn't access some places due to black screens.

To start a new game: FULL PACK
To continue your 0.4.7 save: ONLY HTML
If you want to continue your game from an older version download the FULL PACK.

v 0.4.7 fixed:
GF dating SMS looping, Able to ask about the pool statue on week 4, Rome's quest is now set to "finished", 8th and 6th deck not leading to 7th deck after completing Chloe's headband quest fixed, lunch setting time to 17 instead of 15, not being able to return from Tinder app if "Netflix & Chill" is chosen ("noreturn" missed), Tara's lube quest can be finished (item/inventory coding error), small permanent slash on the consumables inventory list deleted, patreon logo dated in favour of SubscribeStar's, Change output message on day number 28 for "Costume Contest" (so if you go to the stage before the event, it says there is an event later).

Enjoy! Thanks for your support! :)