Beauties of Blackfall is an NSFW side scrolling adventure horror game with light visual novel elements and a heavy focus on character interaction. 

-Explore A Haunted Mansion
-Discover the Secrets of Blackfall.
-Collect Hidden Items and Lewd Photos.
-Meet and Date Cute Monster Girls.

You'll meet a host of unique girls you can interact with during your play through, each with their own backstories and connections to the mansion.

Helping the girls find different items in the mansion and unlocking hidden doors will allow you to learn more about each girl.

You can bring your favorite girl to the bedroom in fully animated H scenes. With timed dialogue choices you have the option of changing the scene or letting the time run out so she can take control of the action. You never know what might happen!


-2D graphics.
-An entirely hand drawn world to explore and investigate.
-A fully voiced cast and story.
-Fully animated NSFW scenes with each character.
-Puzzles, collectibles, and many secrets!
-At least 8 different girls to meet and interact with.
-Spooky soundtrack!

PC/ Windows Digital Download

Why Should I support this project?

Supporting this project means you'll get access to early builds here on Subscribestar, as well as additional uncensored artwork and animations I create.  Without the right amount of funding I won't be able to continue working on this project as much as Id like to, so every little bit helps, even if it's just $1 a month. Voice acting and sound design is very expensive and without those two areas being funded and developed in the game I cannot release the full version, I'm going to need all the help I can get to make this game a reality! 

Additional Questions

Q. When will the demo be released? 

A. The public version of the demo won't be out for awhile, but I'm working my hardest trying to get a demo out. I want to include a little more to explore before I release a version you can all play. The game is so early into development right now that the menu navigation isn't fully completed, once things feel  a little more like a playable game and less like an extremely early prototype I'll begin releasing some new versions of the project.  

Q. When will the full game be released? 

A. Development may take a pretty long time. I'm programming the game and doing all the art by myself so I can't confirm a release date any time soon. This is my very first full length video game so I'm trying to keep everything organized as much as possible, which means pacing things out and taking my time. I don't want to release an unpolished version of my game. 

Q. What program are you using to develop the game? 

A. I started using Game Maker Studio because I was a little more familiar with it's coding language but now I have switched over to Unity because making a narrative focused game like this is much easier using a Unity extension called "Adventure Creator", it focuses on story based games in the point and click adventure genre, but it keeps things very simplified so it makes development much easier than it would originally be. Most of the functions and mechanics for the game are covered using Unity Adventure Creator with a minimal amount of coding, this gives me more time to focus on the art and the animation. There are a few additional quality of life features in Unity that Game Maker simply does not have, making Unity a much more comfortable option. 

If you have any individual questions about the game, my work, or supporting this project you can always private message me or even send me an email at  [email protected]