So, I am basically just copy/pasting my Monday Post 062 here on Subscribestar to test things out. I didn't tell anyone I that I've created a page here yet. This is just Plan B, in case Patreon suddenly decides to kick me out from the platform. Please stick to patreon for now if possible. No need to support me here (just yet at least), I don't plan to make any "subscribers-only" posts.

First things first: Episode 05 is out, download links can be found in this week's patrons-only post. Go test the thing. Hopefully there will be no game-crashing bugs. Make sure to report the typos though. ^ If all goes well public release will be next week, as always.

April Fool's. Remember how last week I said that you should not expect episode 05 this week? Well, that was actually an April Fool's joke. Ha-ha, hilarious, I know.

Patreon. I got another warning (without suspension this time) from the Patreon support... Everything has been resolved peacefully that is all I will be saying on the matter at this time. But I will try to keep this post even more family-friendly than usual. I know what you're thinking: Akabur, how possibly can you make things even more family friendly than they already are? Well, I'll have to figure something out I guess. Let's start with that lovely picture of the sky with some clouds on it, and this another lovely picture of some cute guys.

Local Comicon. (Not the pic above) Few days ago I went to a local comicon. Normally I don't partake in such events. If I am not mistaken my last "comicon" was Tokyo Game Show 2008 - I was still living in Japan back then and went to the event with a friend of mine. Ever since, I never attended any such gatherings. But it's been years, and now I am old, have some money saved up and (more importantly) starting to care less and less about things in general (and also Episode 05 was done anyway), so I decided: why the hell not? And I am glad I did, because to my huge surprise I had a great time ^

The N.E.E.T. Squad. The whole thing was heavily patrolled by the N.E.T.E.s though and hard working guy that I am I got busted in a matter of minutes^

alt text

I did a little research. And apparently N.E.E.T. squads is not a thing outside of Japan and Russia. It may not be the case but I found very little reference to "N.E.E.T. HOME GUARD" in English, but if you are curious you can watch this vid, it sums it up well enough :)

Anyway, seeing those guys in action was just so awesome, #_# and it really filled my heart with joy, and I thought I'd vent my feels on you a bit with this weeks Monday post. I'm done now. Back to the usual semi-depressing family friendliness^ The work. Episode 05 took me 18 weeks (or 4 months) to develop. In other words twice as longer as I hoped it would. I'll need to address this somehow, but for now just go play it and tell me if it was worth the wait or not. The PSDs and such. Won't be sharing any files this week, since I am releasing the new episode and all. ^ The GIF. Like I mentioned above, I had a little talk with Patreon support team recently and to commemorate or talk, this week's GIF will be super family-friendly. Next week I will be probably getting back to the usual levels or family friendliness though. It's all good, don't worry.

And that is it. Somehow going to that stupid comicon and hanging out with the N.E.E.T.s and a few other people there made a bit emotional... People can be real nice sometimes apparently... Anyway, I love you all more than you know, and I am not just saying that, trust me. Thank you, love and hugs and kisses and all that. Here is your gift. Let's chat in the comments and I'll see you all next week.