Yo fuzz heads! At the time of this notice, it’ll be about 7 DAYS before your boi TURNS 28 YEARS OLD! That’s right. That’s still young in my book, but I’m not getting any younger! Confetti and BALLOONS, anyone? 😏

Now for something a LITTLE more serious. Not necessarily bad, but it’s just something that’s needed to take note of: For a while now, I’ve been debating on how to approach my own financial goal moving forward, as well as in the event that I may have to kiss my Social Security goodbye (I’m NOT say that’s what’s going to happen right now, though). With that, and with another money talk from my folks, to cover EVERYTHING I have and need, in these fandoms and otherwise: I have chosen to settle on a personal money and utility spending goal to about $300 at most. Yep. Let it be by commissions or another donation drive (which is once again TBA). Again, this is what I hope to achieve not temporarily, but moving forward. What do ya think?

BUT Commissions alone may not be enough. On many other measure, I could argue that taking Commissions here maybe a full-time job. And given what’s going on in the IRL world right now, it might as well be. As I mentioned before, I’ve put up my SubscribeStar page to go with my Patreon page, if you wanna check those out. I’m still adding on to the former as I speak.

https://subscribestar.adult/rupert-after-dark https://www.patreon.com/RupertBlueFox

And with all of this, seems like I’ll have to wait a TAD NIT longer to even think about that fursuit. … UNLESS….

And that’s it for now! And if you’re virtually new to my world, my BIRTHDAY is next Friday. October 2nd. Get them confetti, cake and balloons ready! Rupert out!