Note About Downloads & Passwords, BP Update

I just realized I'd never mentioned this on SubscribeStar etc..
That's entirely my fault, I mentioned it on Discord but completely forgot to here.
Due to piracy concerns, I've had to begin locking my archives with passwords.
This may be a minor additional step for you guys, but it's a major increase in security for the content overall.

Passwords for archives are in the comments of each post that is locked.
(I will be locking more of them over time until they're all done.)

Please ensure that you follow these steps so there are no issues:
1) Make sure you have the latest version of WinRAR or WinZIP.
2) Copy and paste the passwords exactly as shown, no spaces.
3) If the archive is corrupted, disable antivirus / firewall software before downloading. I clean all these archives and routinely ensure my PC is free of any threats before uploading anything, so I can guarantee none of my products are harmful in any way.

As was the case when I used to make games - There shouldn't be any issues if you follow these instructions.

However, if you still receive errors,
1) Make a note of everything you did, and everything that happened.
2) DM me on either Discord or SubscribeStar.
3) If you solve the problem, please tell me what you did so I can write an FAQ.

If the archives are too large for you, please use the PSDs instead, as they're much smaller.
There are many free programs like GIMP that can open these.

Thank you all for your patience & understanding, and your continued support.
I understand that I've been slow and producing content in bursts lately, but I can assure you that this method works better for all involved.
I'm much more productive when I work on multiple things and complete them in short bursts, rather than focusing on a single piece at a time.

I will continue to adhere to producing 5-6 pieces of new content a month; My aim is to ensure $20-30 of value each month according to my Gumroad prices, so that the $10 a month you pledge here is a 50-70% total discount on average.
Especially as I post extra content here on SubscribeStar (WIPs, polls, interacting with you guys for feedback etc.) than I do on pixivFANBOX.