Our Apartment Build 19! From Behind Sex Sim Scene! Pose Mode and Facial Expressions! Cum Decals are back!

Holy moly two builds in one month! New content too! 
This build adds the "From Behind" Sex Sim scene, and a new Pose Mode!
There's also some improvements to various things, like for example UI fixes, and fixes to the SSAO effect.

From Behind

You've seen the animations and now they're in-game! Do understand the balancing for sex sim is still broken but everything does work! I even brought back cum decals which had to be shelved for a bit due to the broad asset changes.
Cameras have been configured but some of the effects seen before are not there yet.
Oh you'll also notice the Balls have improved physics, there might be some issues in some places but the effect is generally nicer.
Under certain circumstances animations may desync, this has to do with the "speed" differing sometimes. If this occurs you can fix it for now by turning off "move" adjusting the "Speed slider" then  enabling "move" again.

Pose Mode

So until now there have been "pose" scenes, I've decided to change this and expand it a bit and will expand it a bit further in the future. 
All "pose" scenes besides "birthday" are now consolidated into a single "pose mode". In this mode you can change poses at will, and see preset camera angles related to the pose. Same as sex sim you can toggle the free camera and undress as normal.
You can also change Naomi's expression and look direction!
This is so you can get a better look at your outfits and such, send me screenshots of your favorite combinations!
Apparently there may be an issue where the cake in the birthday scene does not go away. So FYI about that issue for now. 
Whats next?
From here on I'm focusing on polish for the public release, so here's what you can expect.
  • Outfit saving in some form.
  • "State of undress" for most items. 
  • Asset improvements to further reduce clipping between items and Naomi's body
  • Item descriptions and more thumbnails
  • VA implementation for MM
  • Reimplementing gestures for "3 Weeks"
  • Improvements to UI function and design
  • Improvements to settings
  • Other fixes
I'll ofcourse also be working on builds for other platforms as well.