+Fanart+ Spirit Bomb

Guess that'd be... PANart. shot

More of a Spirit Blob really, but it's a simple concept.

I was overcome by the sudden urge to draw fanart of one of my favourite Dragon Ball girls~ Well let's face it, it's more than she ever gets to actually do in GT past like, ONE kamehameha on Oceanus Shenron.

I put a bigger focus into trying to emulate the Dragon Ball art style. It's still not QUITE there, but I think I'm getting better.



Because I couldn't decide on which one I liked more between the ambient glow and the overall bluish tint from the Spirit Bomb.


Pan © Akira Toriyama.

Artwork by Screampunk Arts.


Characters portrayed here are above the age of 18, or are drawn as such to comply with US laws.