The public version of 0.7.0 is now available to EVERYONE!
Thanks as always for playing <3
Full changelog and download links below.
- 50K Words (25 Events Total)
- 2 New Main Characters (Molly & Tsuneyo)
- 600+ New Images
- 3 New Animated Scenes (Chika x2/Haruka)
- Koi Cafe/Tojo Ramen Now Available at Night
- 7 Main Events
- 6 Molly Events
- 6 Tsuneyo Events
- 2 Lust Events
- 1 Chika Event
- 1 Chinami Event
- 1 Maki Event
- 1 Secret Event
- 12 New Repeatable Generic Events
- Dorm Floor #2
- Dorm Room #6
- New Event Tracker (BETA)
- New Music
- New Backgrounds/Settings
- Outlines for Character Names
- Karin/Kirin Name Color Change
- Changes/Fixes for Older Content
- Go Back Option Added to Several Menus
- Hide Window Function for Android 
(If you don't know which Android APK to download, try the universal release one)

To transfer saves on Android (Currently working on exporting in a way that won't make you do this. Think I've figured it out for the future)

1. Open up the new Ren'py port to create a file path.
2. Most phones should have a "files" app, if not, most free ones on the app store will work perfectly fine. From there, open up your internal storage, once it's open, click on the folder labeled "Android", then "data".
3. You're gonna see a ton of folders labeled "", you're going to look for the one that's labeled as "". Once you have found that folder, open it, click on "files" and now you should see a folder labeled "saves". That houses all your manual, and auto saves. Copy (or cut) the folder by holding down on it and selecting the option.
4. Go back to the "data" folder that has all the "com." folders, now locate the one labeled as "com.selebus.lil0x0". Go into the "files" folder and paste the save folder in. If it asks you to replace, that's perfectly fine.
5. Close out of the renpy port of LiL and reopen.
6. Once you verify your saves have been ported over, the old app can be deleted.