[Download the new build here!]  

We worked out butts off this month to get out a new update in 4 weeks or less! We managed to not only get a brand new enemy done in this time, but also a lot of polish on some of our older assets! We can say with confidence that you will see us update the game each month now that we have become comfortable with the new engine, quirks and all!

[ Patch Notes ]
 V 0.5.3 (September 26/2020 - Week 15): 

• Added Big Gunt
• Added backwards dash
• Added score screen
• Added input binding
• Added gameplay settings menus
• Added character select navigation with controller controls
• Added XP system
• Added damage text indicators
• Added uppercut knockup effect
• Added period of nontargeting when re/spawning
• Added camera and sprike shaking on impacts
• Added N/SFW visual element in gameplay HUD
• HUD is now deactivatable
• Updated menus and UI
• Updated login screen
• Updated particle effects
• Updated character and enemy stats
• Updated sounds
• Updated respawn effect
• Replaced blinking-out deaths with death'splosions!
• Tweaked sex minigame
• Tweaked shading on sprites
• No need to login back in after first playthrough
• SFW mode now plays SFW background in game over scene
• Reduced ram requirements
• Reduced build size requirements
• Windowed/fullscreen setting bug fixed
• Shading/color flickering bug fixed
• Many misc bug fixes