Naomi Animation Previews! Prodding and Entry! Other news and small The Couch update!

Preview1 Hello everyone sorry i've been rather silent, thanks to everyone who's been patient with me despite that, I'm doing my best to focus on work but also I've been doing a lot of personal stuff. Exercizing daily, managing meals and stuff. Thats kind of made my general work slower but I feel a lot better lately!

All that said this weekend I need to go out of town and won't be able to work. Which will kind of suck and give me a bit of chaos, but my surface pro is cracked and I promised I would. Nothing i can do really.

Anyway, I wanted to go all out with these animations, keep in mind they're still in progress, i'm just moving forward to get them into a usable state before i start fixing details and clipping. These are rather time consuming animations cause they're rather complex poses and transitions, I considered skipping these but I really want the final animation to be something special. A deviation from my original goal of just doing simple occasional loops.

But yeah keep in mind i've done no clean up on these or proper facial animation, this is mostly just getting the timing and main movements correct.


As a reminder here's the set of animations to expect...

Intro > pre-entry Idle > Prodding loop > Entry > Entered Idle > Pump 1 > Pump Transition > Pump 2 > Cum Inside > Cum Inside Idle > Pull Out > Pull out Idle > to rest > rest idle there's still much more work to get done, but i'll have more previews as soon as possible!

Other Naomi 3D news

I have a little side related thing i'm waiting on with Naomi's animations, so i've been working on that too. It will be a little SFW animation featuring some voice acting. I need to get some experience with lip sync so i'll be using it as a test. I made the image above (which is cut from a larger sheet) to make sure naomis facial poses are up to par.

I've also made some updates to her shadaers again, i'm deffinitely trying to stop these kinds of updates to focus on animations but sometimes i can't help it when i have a desire lol.

But now naomis hair has proper reflections and a proper custom shader besides the specular added before. This mostly affects reflections outside of direct light sources, this was a difficult challenge but i'm happy i resolved it. The above is pure reflection, no light source.

Small news on The Couch

Once again I'm sorry progress on The Couch has halted, but MiNT is settled into training for his new job, And he's started doing some work on The Couch again, this time using more bought assets rather than the custom system originally intended.

I'll give a proper update on this once progress is made. For now i just wanted to say something is being done.

Once again thank you for your patience and support!