Prayer Restraints Set Relased

Good evening, spirituality beckons.


Four Swatches - Black, Red, White, Hot Pink

Four Parts -

Blindfold - Glasses

Harness - Hats

Restraints - Tops

Belt - Bottoms

The fifth set is finally here, hooray. I know the elbows are not perfect, but I took the mesh past its limits and even getting it looking like this was few hours of moving it around in different ways. I recommend wearing gloves with it.

My hand still hurts, so first release of this month will have to wait until next week probably, as I am running out of painkillers :).

First poll will land on Thursday, so get ready to be all democratic and stuff.

Finally the bowl from [Kritical]CageBed1-NapOverrideB now works in the same way like the practical pet bowl (you can eat from it) after repeated confusion about which item does what, so update if you havent done so yet.

Have fun.