== GAME UPDATE: Milfairy Tales V.0.2026 (NEW LINK + MAC Version) is UP!!! (Public Release) ==

This has been such a big endeavor, but nothing beats seeing it getting into shape! Chapter 2 is here guys, this closes the official introduction of Milfairy Tales' setting and story! Let us begin our journey together, with tons of fun, adventure, mischief and tons, and tons of really forwardy Milfs! \ ( ^ ~ ^  ) / - Hyaaa~hhh! The 'ara, ara' intensifies!

Chapter 2 is up! Public Release (v.02024)

As always thank you very much for everyone that has been supporting this project! To my wonderful partners and friends for their support for this creative outlet and joy that is game-making! Let's get even more into the world of Milfairy, the story of our new hero is just only beginning!

If I get enough support I plan to start the production of Chapter 3 after at least a week of a quick break. I still have to juggle with whatever free time I have to work into making the game. Our artist also works really hard to make sure everything matches the vision without changing his beautiful style! We work as hard as we can to make sure the game is fun, interesting, unique, and follows my original view of some 15+ years ago!

I would like to warn you guys that I didn't have enough time to properly test as much as I'd like. So please let me know if you run into any bug or game crashing situation. I heard that RPG Maker has tons of limitations and compatibility issues that I haven't taken into account or learned how to properly deal with yet.

There are TONS of new systems in place in this version, and because of that, unfortunately, you guys will have to start a new save. I'll upload a save file with a complete Chapter1 soon, just in case you guys want to skip it, although there are a few new things and optimizations on Chapter 1 as well (you can visit a bit of the temple in chapter 1, new dialogues, etc).

PS: there's a mad awkward makeshift solution for the Gallery, there's a total of 59 CGs (not 999) to collect, guys! :3
PS2: I'm still figuring out the best way to add the Mac and Android versions. Mac version is very likely, just gimme some time.

CHANGE LOG - v.02026 (NEW LINK) 

  • Fixed a crash that happened if you talked to Valerye from the sides at the begining of Chapter 2.
  • Fixed an instance where the MC was actually being called Mark instead of the player's name.
  • Some other minor stuff.
  • Added a MAC version! (Lemme know if you guys run into any problem, first attempt at a MAC version.

CHANGE LOG - v.02025

  • Can switch between Day/Afternoon/Night after the chapter ends. (To get Raphy's scene in case you missed!)

CHANGE LOG - v.02024

  • Minor bug/dialogue fixes + extended the time you can get Mariah's first shower scene till the boss of chapter 1.
  • Added some extra voices.

  • 4 Tension Drive modes (how to increase TP, under the technique menu).
  • Gallery now has 999 slots (to prevent as many future saves from becoming incompatible as possible). 
  • The current available CG count is 59 (includes variations).
  • Added new proximity icons (shops, info, interactives, etc.)
  • Improved some animations and huds.
  • New menu backgrounds.

[Chapter 1]

  •  Access to part of the Goddess Temple.
  •  More items to collect earlier (Temple).
  •  You can rename your MC by talking to the town’s cat. :3
  • No new CG added to Chapter 1 yet (there are a few scenes on-hold, I’m prioritizing the main story for now).

[Chapter 2]

  • 1 new dungeon
  • 1 new boss
  • 2 Side-Quests (1 tutorial, 1 full)
  • 8 new scenes + 1 new shower scene dialogue
  • New playable character
  • Mastery System access
  • 6 skills to learn from 2 masters
  • 5 Master Errands Mini-games added
  • Love Love Mode Interactive Mode added.
  • 2 Love Love Mode scenes added. (Spanking)
  • 44 new CGs added to the gallery (Current Total: 59 CGs)
  • Girls Intimacy Attributes cap = 5
  • MC Apprentice Attributes cap = 10

Here are the new links!

LINKS (Milfairy Tales v.02026)

PC: (v.02026)


MAC: (v.02026)