1.4.0 Is Live!

It's that time, demonic denizens! Today is the public release day for Paradise Heights 1.4.0!

Update 1.4.0 is the long-awaited 'gender patch', which enables you to enjoy being male or female from the very beginning of the story -- or let Lazren sculpt you into a bit of both! Once you reach Chapter 2 and have your performance evaluation (or have already had it) you can change your gender at will using the mirror in your dressing room.

This update required quite a bit of coding and writing, so please let us know if you spot any gender-specific things firing off at the wrong moments!

And now, onto the release!

Please note that 1.4.0 includes new art, so to play offline you'll need to download both the HTML and the graphics assets!

With 1.4.0 release, what's next for Paradise Heights? Petra's transformation! This is the first of the smaller updates we hope will allow more voting, more polling, and quicker updates for our lovely fans. The writing has already begun, the art is being drawn, and we are excited to share this new content with you in the near future!

Speaking of polling, we'll be setting up a poll for the next update after Petra this coming Monday, the 31st. This poll will be up for one week, as the 2 week window seemed to be a little excessive on the last go around. This update will be another content expansion, focusing on content or characters that already exist in the game. Because the Petra content does require art, the next one will be an art-free update, so be ready to vote as to what kind of new, steamy stories you would like to see told in your tower.

That's all for now! We hope you all enjoy the new player options enabled by this patch, and we'll see you on Monday to start selection our next goal. As always, happy hunting!

  • Cambion and Luciana