How to Play Offline

You can download and play Paradise Heights offline if you prefer. This lets you play without an internet connection, and without worrying about whether the webpage is up or down, fast or slow.

Here's how:

1. Download the main game file (HTML) and the Asset Pack (images).

These are packaged separately so that if we release an update that doesn't contain new images, you don't have to download the entire thing again.

2. Unzip the Asset folder somewhere on your computer. We recommend you make a new folder called 'ParadiseHeights' and put it in there, but it isn't required.

3. Place the game file in the same place. The game file should be in the same place as the Assets folder, but not inside the Assets folder. For example, if you created a folder called 'ParadiseHeights', then it should contain both the game file and the Assets folder.

4. Double-click the game file, and start your game!