Paradise Heights is an interactive erotic fiction game focusing on the themes of seduction and transformation. You've accepted the job of a lifetime in a mysterious and luxurious new high-rise. You'll meet a cast of fully-fleshed characters, be able to explore their needs and desires, and -- if they pay the price -- fulfill them. With power comes risk: your new 'boss' has made clear that there are penalties for failure, and not everyone wants you to succeed.

How To Play

You can play Paradise Heights on any Internet browser. There is no special software needed, no plugins to download, and no need to make an account. You can play it on mobile, but we recommend desktop/laptop for a better overall experience.

Paradise Heights is free to play for everyone. Subscribers get access to early release builds with sneak peaks at new characters, artwork, storylines, and features before anyone else.


Q: What sort of content and kinkery should I expect?

A: Paradise Heights focuses on physical and mental transformation, D/s sex, and gender bending. Later expansions may have different focuses, determined by what our supporters vote on!

Q: How much content is there?

A: A lot ! Version 1.6.0 clocked in at 440,000 words -- which is more than the first four Harry Potter books... combined. An average sex-scene ranges from 3000 to 5000 words. You will not see all the content on a single play-through, of course, so replaying is encouraged!

Q: What if there's content I'm not comfortable with? Can I avoid it?

A: Make sure you read our flags/content advisories. Many choices in the game allow you to use 'FetishVision' to preview what kind of kinks are involved, and you can avoid choices you don't like. We also have a 'Summary Mode' which doesn't skip content, but does reduce it down a paragraph or two. We're aware people may want an actual 'skip' feature in the future; if you'd like that, please take the time to vote in our polls to let us know!

Q: My favorite kink isn't in here! How do I get it?

A: Tell us! We have occasional polls to determine what type of characters, contents, and features are really in demand. Don't be afraid to participate!

Q: What kind of artwork can I expect?

A: All characters (including the protagonist) have several pieces of customized, commissioned artwork, ranging from 'tame' to 'XXX'. You can see samples of it in our header image! Some of our stretch goals include bonus artwork and extras; everyone loves putting a face to a name!