hello i make with the funny

Get Tower Unite off Steam for like $15 (breakfast 4 two ppl) & "Log In" to one of my Safe, Secure, Clean Condos at the appointed times (fresh sheets & linens provided):

PODCAST: Tuesdays @ 9pm EST, Mangcho's MangShow Studio

STANDUP: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays @ 10pm EST (AFTER THE PODCAST), Mangcho's Comedy Condo

VR not required. Afterparty after the show. Remember to push talk so I know when the jokes are landing, or use a keyboard for XDs and Hahahas if you' still like pounding plastic keys with your gross, smelly human fingers. Gross! Dude!

Are you funny and/or interesting? HMU and we'll do an interview on the MangShow.

I wanna keep my stuff 100% ad-free. No demon-worshipping YouTube overseers, no toxic Twitter algorithms, trolling my accounts for the Latest and Hottest Bad Faith Words. Just pure funny garbolach (yiddish for garbo). :)))

Subscribing keeps the comedy fresh, the coffee salty. Just a minimum of 3.99 a month and you're keeping a supa boi in da funny bsns! ""Thats-a ma boy!" --A Dad

Add me on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/zibraltar/

Twitter: @real_mactonight