Practical Sex Arcade Released

Hello. Game on.


8 Swatches - Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Bright Red, Violet

Special thanks & credits -

ColonolNutty for giving me a tip that saved me few hours of going down the wrong path & for being patient with me when I asked him stupid Python questions :)

Turbodriver for his work on Wicked Whims, which we all love.

Dont forget to copy both the object package AND the ts4script package. Keep them at most one folder level deep (mods/xx or mods/kritical/xx), or it wont work. You also need script mods to be enabled in your options.

Lastly this is a completely new object to the old arcade, so you can just delete that one so that you dont end up confused why it isnt working- the new one does not have any wicked whims interactions on it.

So, how does this work?

Once you pick a spot for it, you can either park** your own sim inside, or pick an NPC** (instanced on the lot, already met your sim) nearby to get in.

After getting in, you can cancel the interaction by clicking on the sim and selecting "Release Sim". You cant cancel it any other way so beware (well you can reset sim as well if for some reason the option doesnt show up).

The other interaction that you can access while clicking on the Sim inside is, of course, the "Use Sim" interaction.

This will cost you 25 simbucks. 15 of those goes to the occupant of the machine. The rest goes to the lot owner.

You can park both men and women inside the machine, although as always, its made with females in mind first.

Once the machine is occupied, you can either use it yourself or let npcs use it through autonomy. However only male sims can use the occupied machine for obvious reasons.

There are 30 messages in total that the Sim inside can be on the receiving end of when used. Some of them are gendered and change depending on who is inside.

Because of the nature of the machine, these are obviously very demeaning to the occupant, so keep that in mind. But then again, if you are going to lock your Sim inside, you probably dont expect loving romance. Also you get a small penalty to your reputation if someone fucks your Sim inside the machine.

After the action is done, the Sim that patronized the machine dresses back up and life goes on.

Now there are several things to keep in mind.

First, you should probably turn off nudity reactions (WW settings - nudity - cheats - reaction), otherwise Sims are going to be very shocked that there is a naked Sim inside a machine that offers sex. I know, baffling. You can also turn off the reaction individually by shift clicking on the Sim inside the machine and going to the wicked whims section.

Second, celebrities can go fuck themselves. The reaction to celebrities walking around fucks everything up because it pushes really high priority reactions that I dont know how to block out and they can cause the Sim inside the machine to walk off.

As far as feedback goes, aside from obvious bugs that you should report, let me also know if I should tweak some values- motive loss/gain, autonomy intensity etc.

Known Issues -

Misalignment - I know that the animations sometimes dont align 100%, I am working on a completely different way of positioning the actors, but I dont know how long its going to take me to finish, so I will update the arcade again when that is done.

Alright. Now go break it so that I can see 100+ hours of my work not actually work :p. Have fun.