Weekly Update + Small Peek!

Guess who?
Heya all! Been a heck of a busy week, like insanely. Anyway, I got some good news haha, the storyline/refs/details for Fairy Hunting chp 3.5 has been passed to Raiha and he's working on it at the moment! ETA should be around October/November! 
Now for stuff you guys will be getting next month! Posted a little sneak peek here so you guys will have an idea who it is haha. Sadly, it will very likely be the last Intern-kun chapter that we will see. It's don't doing really hot, and for a comparison, Fairy Hunting chapter 3 outsold both issues of Intern-kun combined in less than a day. And Fairy Hunting is still in the red as of now, so yeah, pretty likely gonna be the last intern-kun chapter unless something unexpected happens. In which case, we will be deciding on what we will work on next after Intern-kun! 
That being said, even though Fairy Hunting is still in the red, sales are slowly improving and the reader base slowly growing, so no worries about it being axed! We will be self-sustainable soon enough! 
I'll also be getting some polls up soon! Mostly about what series to work on, characters for the next chapter of Fairy Hunting, stuff like that! It should be fun!