Cracking Version 0.3.7

New Imagery:

  • Added new imagery for the Hotel
  • Added new imagery for the Hotel Room
  • Added new imagery for the Hotel Entrance

New Scenes:

  • Added a new sex scene with Lucas in Ch 3, it can be accessed by talking to him and selecting "Dominant". There will be a submissive scene as well as one of each for Sarah as well.
  • Rewrote and restructured the Hotel in Ch 1 to go better with the new images, further changes to the area will be added as more images are finished.


  • Added a notification sidebar that highlights things such as changes during the night, upgrading buildings/research and rewards from raids
  • Added a new tooltip which will be used to clarify what stuff does. Input on what people would like to see it used on is appreciated
  • Added a visible number for the base strength values of various types of infected in the Encyclopedia (visible after said unit has been upgraded)
  • Smoothed out the scrolling effects to make the game look less choppy


  • Fixed bug causing the rewards of a raid to be revealed even on a failed raid