Cracking Version 0.3.6

Fully implemented an updated Research System with the following features:

  • Improve your various types of Infected (including yourself!) and even unlock new types in the future. The current research available are the following:
  • Experimental Research - Produce scientific materials in exchange for a handful of infected (Sarah is spooky at times :O)
  • Guidance Pheromones - Improve increase the amount of units you're able to send on raids
  • Infected Muscle Density - Improve the combat power of the Infected during raids
  • Infected DNA Manipulation - Increases Forcer birthrate
  • Forcer Cell Structure - Improve the combat power of Forcers during raids
  • Forcer Deductive Reasoning - Improve the reconnaissance capabilities of Forcers during scouting missions
  • Broodmother Fertility - Increases Infected birthrate
  • Broodmother Scent Glands - Improve the combat power of Broodmothers during raids
  • As more units are added a bit down the line you will be able to unlock and improve those as well. (The coding is already done, they just need to be properly implemented through the story)


  • Limited game framerate to 60fps to prevent the game from spiking on certain machines
  • Fixed bug allowing you to enter negative numbers when scouting, raiding or modifying breeding
  • Fixed a bug causing max leveled buildings to read as "not enough materials" rather than "MAX"


  • A notable change in this patch is the change to Raiding as the amount of units are now tied to your guidance pheromones levels, be sure to keep upgrading it in order to be able to tackle the higher difficulty raids .

Finally, thanks to everyone for being so patient with the start of chapter 3. This release marks the full implementation of all core systems into the game (Raiding, Scouting, Building, Researching) and as such starting from next patch I'm going to be focusing more on adding more lewd stuff which I know is the main reason you're here! ^