Public Path: Tentacle Exchange Student (Peace)

Chapter going on Hentai Foundry later tonight:

Things got a bit out of hand and I feel the Peace option should have had a [G]. Do you agree? I hope you can forgive me. Check the warning tags if you're worried.

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-BDSM (pain is pleasure)

-A human girl is fully inserted inside a female demon's ass (bodying?)

-Spiked dildo (no gore: there will never be gore in this series)

Option 1: Yes!
It's not as easy as you thought. Your mother has to bail you out of several failed attempts at not breeding class 3-1. When you finally nail it, you realize all the mind wipes kinda zombified your classmates and you just roll with it. (Conscious but unresponsive)

Option 2: No...
You inadvertently trigger the War of the Worlds but the humans have the drop on demons this time. They win and use sex demons as power sources. Bad news for the girls who have to facilitate this arrangement. (Demon gang-bang, births, weird stuff I haven't decided on yet)