Hi, I'm Lizbeth. Thank you for visiting my page.

Early Access to:
- Comic pages
- Illustrations
- NSFW queer smut
- Story Exposition

I switch between working on comic pages and illustrations. I will try to post updates at least once a week.

Though "The Anaether" is primarily a graphic novel, the project as a whole will include not only the comic pages but also a series of related illustrations (including NSFW), and on rare occasion, probably some animations. I will frequently be switching between working on comic pages and illustrations. 

"The Anaether" is an adult science fiction drama graphic novel. You can expect: 

- Aliens
- Drama
- Weirdness
- Violence
- Adult language
- Adult themes
- Hard queer smut
- Cuteness

The related illustrations usually include:

- Storytelling
- Smut
- Cuddling
- Visual Development/Reference Sheets
- Sketches
The erotic imagery will consist of Vas and Semeon, a queer couple. Vas is nonbinary (hermaphrodite), Semeon is male. 

I will probably take breaks from this project about once a month, anywhere from 3-7 days for other obligations in my life. I'll let you know in the updates. I'll otherwise try to post new content every week.

This whole project started out with me just drawing my nonbinary OC, Vas (rhymes with "gravitas"), for many years, so you'll probably be seeing a lot of them. Then I wanted to create a bunch of gratuitous sex scenes. Then I wanted to make them emotionally loaded. Then I found myself spending an inordinate amount of time coming up with an elaborate story to make the sex scenes have the kind of substance I wanted. Then I worked on a bunch of pages of thumbnails, and ended up with only about 3% actual smut. So most of the smut is just going to be in the separate illustrations.

I'm always intensely eager to show/tell you guys more of the story. Even though my most preferable way of showing you guys is through the comic itself, I often end up doing so through illustrations (though not all of them are necessarily canon). If not through illustrations, through answering your questions or just in writing that often accompanies visual aids. I struggle with this a lot because I feel like I'm spoiling the story for you but I also want you guys to have a better idea of what you're getting into. If at any time I choose not to answer your question, please don't take it as me trying to be rude -- I just want to save the important parts of the story for when they get properly shown to you. I also prefer not to be direct about all exposition, such as the relationships between the characters.

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I really appreciate you taking the time for my work. My sincere thanks.