As mentioned in the previous blog post, time was getting tight for this release. We've found more bugs than expected, especially from the Anenn segments because he's still a kitten. Then the wiring in Besty's flat somehow developed a short, and now the only circuit that doesn't immediately re-pop the breaker is the one connected to his washing machine. Then this morning, I woke up feeling ill on top of a greater-than-average level of household tomfuckery.

Besty has concocted an interesting daisy chain of surge protectors to get back to work, and most of the issues we've found are straight forward to fix, except for perhaps one... Anyway, we'll get the release done, but I don't think it's going to happen on the 5th. We'll try our best for the 6th (Wednesday) Guam time, but it might even be as late as the 7th (Friday). Sorry about that!
Now it's back to work for me!