Hello! The month is coming to the end and we've got a huge Drawing event ahead of us! The entirety of August will be dedicated to bikinis, sea, sand, tentacles, boobs, asses and all the possible combinations of all these wonderful things.
In order to participate in the event, make sure to subscribe to my Patreon or  Subscribestar's 2nd reward tier or higher If you still aren't.
As for all those who are subscribed right now and who plan to keep it running in the next month - from the deepest bottom of my dark heart, Thank you!
All the details about the event, its rules, limitations and nuances will be provided on Monstroniverse discord tomorrow and sent via personal massages to all participating supporters.

And of course, as a part of the usual weekly update, there are 5 new comic pages since the last update (60-64) - http://monstroniverse.thecomicseries.com/comics/784