New Rewards & Reward Updates!

LOTS of info in this post, so get comfortable.


It has been decided! To celebrate reaching my first goal of $250 (carried over from Patreon), I will be adding an ongoing D&D story! 

This new reward will be added to the $15+ tiers. Chapters will be sent out with monthly rewards via email. 

*After some debate, I decided that adding this to the $10 Tier would be a bit too much. I know there wasn't any Smashwords bonus content this month since I kind of went overboard on personal projects, haha. But I do still have bonus content planned, which would make adding this D&D story to that tier way too much. 

 You will get to help make decisions for the story via polls! So check in often if you're in the appropriate tiers! 

Chapters will also be published on Smashwords one month after release on Patreon, for $2.99 - $3.99, depending on the chapter's size. So, if you'd rather not commit to the tier upgrade, you can also purchase them there later on! (Patreon will remain the best deal to maintain membership benefits, hence the price range)

I might make this into a comic in the future! Any work I put towards said comic will be sent with $25+ Tier rewards as part of my personal projects for the time being. Full disclosure, I probably won't officially release anything or dedicate any real time to it until I reach future goals as I simply don't currently have the kind of time that requires. 


You guys have decided! I will be replacing the monthly OC stories with additional Smashwords chapters of your favorite standalones (which you will be able to vote on). This will begin in the 09/2020 cycle, since the OC Standalone for 08/2020 has already been decided.

Future OC stories may be added to the Personal Projects rewards in the future if they are not canon. If they are canon, they will be added to the $10+ tier  Smashwords Bonus Content rewards.


Because the OC standalones are going to be replaced with additional chapters for Smashwords stories, I am going to be removing the bonus fanfic/oc standalone reward from the $20+ tier, and replacing it with illustrations for the D&D story. 

Sorry for not setting up a poll for this first, but I realized that this would throw this reward off a bit too late. But, I figure since you guys are excited about the D&D story, that you'd also be excited for illustrations of said D&D story?

The OC Standalone illustration in the $15+ Tiers will be replaced with an illustration from the Smashwords story being added to that month. (Starting 09/2020)

The Scene Illustration in the $10+ Tiers will be replaced with a Fandom/OC Illustration! Look at that, you guys are getting the best of all worlds, haha. (Starting 09/2020)


I will be adjusting the global coupons (for both Smashwords & Gumroad) so that $5 - $15 tiers will also receive them.

They will be as follows:

  • $5 Tier - 5% off everything.
  • $10 Tier - 10% off everything.
  • $15 Tier - 15% off everything.
  • $20 Tier - 20% off everything.
  • $25 Tier - 25% off everything.

These new coupons will start this month (07/2020), and will be sent out on Friday, July 31st, 2020.

Phew ... I think that's everything? 

Thank you guys so much for your support! I hope you continue to enjoy the content!