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Who am I?

I am erotica writer Jason J. Honz. I write juicy tales of dominant futanari, gays, & lesbians who, when the mood strikes, love to use their friends, lovers, or even strangers as they see fit, which usually involves a heavy amount of NSFW material.

Check out 300+ of my stories, here.

All of the characters drawn or written are depicted as 18 years or older.

My Series Include, but are not limited to:

  • Conquer & Cum -  Whether it be a strap, a futa, they all have one mission - to bust a load deep in their lovers' throats - or any hole of their choosing.
  • Facesitting Fun - Bodacious, beautiful, and brutal, these gals love the feel of well-shaped face, and have no problem riding it until it turns blue.
  • Rough Rider Club (RRC) - Well-hung futanari battle it out in a sexual wrestling tournament. The first to blow a load in their opponent. Who will be the Champion?
  • Smothering Vixens Club (SVC) - Shapely women battle it out in a sexual wrestling tournament. Smother your opponent the most, then use 'em. Who will be the Champion?
  • Service Academy (SA) - A sexual education academy for doms and subs alike. Classes include Pet Play, Bondage, Objectification & Humiliation, and How to Tame the Disobedient, to name a few.
  • Big Bad Bitches (BBB) - Futanari & female, dom and sub, live under the same roof for one month on a reality show, sure to bring the audience watching at home a show worth watching.
  • Futa Milf Wars (FMW) - Well-hung futanari battle it out in a sexual wrestling tournament. First to blow their load wins. The catch? The winner gets to use the loser, and their kid, however they please.
  • Toilet Tournaments (TT) - Futa and Women alike compete in front of a live audience. The first to empty their bladder - or their bowels - in their opponent, wins.
  • Strap Wars (SW) - A bunch of teens wrestling in a bedroom with some well-endowed strap-ons, pre-loaded with artificial cum. First to fill their opponent with it, wins - and gains the right to use the loser however they see fit.


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Please, do not use my work for commercial purposes. Receiving my work does not give you any copyright privileges.