Mapping #2

Hi, guys. 
I hope, since the last update, time went nice and leisurely for you. For me it flew unnoticeably, feeling somewhat like two weeks. I was in the zone, making maps and coding scripts for them, completely immersed in the process. Days turned into hours, need for food was something I had to remind myself about and sleep became an annoying interruption from the work flow.
I find it quite therapeutic to get lost in the work like that. But it comes with a risk that people can declare you dead, so it’s time to tear myself from it and share some sneak peeks and stuff with you, guys)
Spoilers ahead! If you want to restrain yourself from the minor spoilers, like names and such, I suggest checking out the screenshots (they’re fairly spoiler-free) and skip the rest to the part where I warmly say goodbyes.
At the moment 75% of mapping is done. It took longer than I planned, as usual. The game’s got new underground maps, caves, outside maps (forest, sky islands), The Dark Lord’s Test Hall, Vardaros City, houses, quests related maps and secret locations. A lot of space to walk around looking for adventures for your dick.
Also I managed to pull off some new tricks from the engine, in form of script+event based animations to please your eye. Some of which took a mighty effort to made, specially the two on Sky Islands. I eager to see what are you guys will think of it.
The Vardaros map, along with its “city gates” location took me two weeks to make. I tried to keep the atmosphere of the place from Rapunzel’s tv-show. I’ll leave it to you to judge if I managed to do that or not. On the location, that will be available to you, there’s three districts and a small market square platform. Two houses are available for creeping around inside, at the moment.
Here’s some sneak peek screenshots of the maps I worked on, yet to be filled with NPCs:

I always think that stuff I do could be made better, so not the top notch stuff, as I see it, but I try.  All the images can be enlarged if opened separatley. 

About ERO Unit, I had to put it aside, until I finish with the TDLT build. It didn’t work out with the guy I ordered animations from, unfortunately. I thought about releasing it with static images instead, for checking out the control mechanics, but I don’t want to half-ass it. Sex scenes are important parts of the game and they will look weird as non-animated, where everything else in the game moves. So with a heavy heart, Lola’s personal adventures are still paused, until I sort it out with another freelancer.

Almost forgot, I’m thinking to implement a feature I came up with the other day, which will help players who aim on a pacifist walkthrough. Engagement with enemies will be diversified and avoiding battles will become a rewardable effort if you'll go for it. At the same time it should be quick and not too distracting from a regular walking around.

So if you won’t feel like fighting, there will be ways to take another approach. I’ll be thinking about including a full route without seeing a battle screen, no promises for the next build yet.

So that’s about it for the post. Thanks for the constant support, while I’m doing this, guys, you're awesome!

Take care and have a lovely day.