Welcome! We are excited to finally share with you, a demo of the game we have been working on since August 2019.

We ask that you please never publish or share the game elsewhere. We've spent huge amounts of our time to work on this and it would be emotionally distressing for many on the team to know that our work is being given away elsewhere. Please be kind to us and we promise to release content as quickly as we are able.

With your support we can:

  • Continue adding more content to the game.
  • Spend more of our time working on the game.
  • Hire more artists to increase both the quality and quantity of content released.

When do you release new builds?

We strive to release a supporter build once a month, with the experimental build released one to two weeks before that. The public demo will be updated as we see fit.

We hope that you enjoy the first public demo!

Click here to download.