First post

Hello everyone

I'm setting up this page so that people will have an additional way to provide support and get their high res pics. I'm sure many are aware of recent developments with a certain other subscription platform that will not be named. While I've been fortunate enough to escape trouble, it never hurts to diversify.

For now, content will remain largely the same, with the notable exception of the $5 lineart tier. I am looking to retire that tier sometime as it's sort of got middle child syndrome and doesn't justify the extra overhead to prep the files. Additionally, there may be some content that does not get posted to The Other Place due to their increasingly arbitrary and unfriendly policies.

Posts here will be things I draw from now onward. I won't be bringing over the backlog of rewards yet, both as a bit of appreciation to my existing supporters and because it would be a pretty big undertaking to sort through all of my older files.

In the future I may expand the tiers here, such as possible Discord integration if there's interest, but for now I'll run with this.

Thanks y'all!