0.9.2 Release notes

Hello Everyone! 
The new update is here, but before change-log let me say a few words about my workflow. I got many questions like: “when something be done?” or “why is something delayed to the next release?” If you didn’t know, I'm a single developer and I’m trying to publish updates every month. So I have very limited time for development,  production, testing etc. When the new release comes  it contains things which are “ready to use” right now (animations, events, scenes).  Some parts of the game require a bit more time for development and testing (like enemies AI, battle system improvements, pregnancy effect and quest system)

That is why some events may appear “unrelated” to the story. But be sure, every event in the game matters. You can ask me: Vik, why is your development so chaotic?  And I’ll agree with you. Frankly, I started development as absolutely zero in gamedev and made a lot of mistakes. But I don’t want to abandon this project and am gonna finish it before I start a new one. 

So. What’s new? 

Narration changes and additions. 

Due to the making of a quest log system (which will help you to navigate in the game in the near future) I had to make few changes in the current story. 

When you wake up in the cell at the start of the game, you can escape freely.  Now the door is locked. You can find a hidden lever or try to trick green Orc by using Wooden Stocks. 

  • Wooden Stocks behind sex added
  • “Wooden horse”  torture device -  scene added. 


After giving first birth (egg), you  can ask the cultist woman about  why Barbarian is laying eggs.

After killing your evil twin in “tentacle dimension” and getting your armor, you can ask the cultist about it. Due to the fact that armor is temporarily available in your inventory this dialogue appears without killing your twin. (it will be changed after quest system implementation)


After defeating torus and getting living armor, Torus will make purpose to  bring him “new mothers” to restore the world.  It opens hidden “Initiation room”  (this room is available in fast travel menu due testing reasons)

New location - Initiation room

This location contains 4 “meat walls” and wooden stock. When you “capture enemy soul” it moves here.

Also, you can interact with these walls by yourself. The result is related to barbarian pregnancy state.

New location - Your own home

I got suggestions about this location many times. Also I needed the place where you'll be able to stack your inventory (in future updates). Also, some of the players asked me: How they can control stats of barbarian pussy and ass. Previously, it was available via cheat menu. Now, you can use sex machine to stretch her holes and special balm for tightening. 

How to get it?

If you buy Devenant papers in City Hall, you'll get this.

This location will be extended in the next updates.

Sex scene selection

One more suggestion was about selecting sex scene after defeat. Now, when Barbarina is knocked down, you can press a particular number of animation to apply on her. You can’t swap it if it’s already applied.  

X-ray update

I promised to do this for a long time ago and started to implement it in the previous release. Press “X” to enable/disable “internal view”

Giving birth

Yes. While the barbarian lays the eggs, you can see what’s going on inside. 

Brown Orc

Saddle sex scene has been changed and available in 2 variations. x-ray added.  

Saddle anal sex - fixed and x-ray added.  

Missionary pose -x-ray added.  

Standing sex pose  -x-ray added.  

Double penetration (Arena location)  -x-ray added.  


Doggy style - x-ray added.

Standing ass fuck - x-ray added.


Standing behind ass fuck - x-ray added.

Butter Churner pose - x-ray added.


In the Hall of torture, x-ray was added for: egg stuffer near Anorien wife and tentacle trap 

In the Noria hut x-ray was applied to tentacles summoned by book. 


The scene where Whodra impregnates Barbarian contains x-ray. 


The scene when you turn the witch to futa and she fucks barbarian and missionary sex on the bed were expanded with x-ray. 


I guess it was a bit unfair, when you were able to milk barbarian in Witch hut only. So, if the lactation effect is on, press “L” to milk her. Also, during the sex scenes, you can press ” L” to squirt milk while she has sex (originally it was a bug, but I decided it seems as very  smut feature) .  

Letel Dimension

Camera in the Letel dimension has been partly fixed. Why partly? I didn’t finish the first person move controller.  But, I solved the problem with insane camera shaking when you walk or run in POV mode. Unfortunately, you can’t move backward  for now  (I need to redo her locomotion animation for POV movement).

Noria can make you  blowjob if you have Living armor. 

So, it was a very hard week before release. Now I’m gonna have some rest, hope you’ll enjoy the game. And as always, send me your suggestions to Discord server.

Stay tuned!